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  • You have to use the 1.12 version to do that. You'd have to scan the thread for the explanation.

    Thanks! It's working! But' in version 1.12 i can't add shadow to the font... Damn xD I guess i have to manualy add it in Photoshop. Why author have removed option to turn of antialiasing in newer versions?

  • blackhornet

    Hi Blackhornet,

    Awesome plugin, thank you. Quick question, when creating the spritefont in your editor and adding boarders it looks perfect and as it should. However in game i dont think its possible to achieve what i am trying. Is it possible to get it looking like it does in the your editor in game?

  • METR1C I'm afraid not. The font dialog itself is part of the OS, so it shows what would happen when using text in Windows. I have no control over that. SpriteFont only works by generating individual letters, it can't "join" them like you are seeing Windows do. Sorry.

  • blackhornet

    Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

  • METR1C you could probably circumvent the restriction and achieve that look by having three different spritefonts:

    • Blue with no outline
    • White with white outline (8 pixels?)
    • Gray with gray outline (16 pixels?)

    ..And setting them on top of each other (in that order, blue being on top) in the editor. You would possibly have to play around with the character spacing values a bit and it's not a very efficient solution to have three stacked spritefont objects, but should be possible..

  • Is there a way to include Italics, Bold, and Bold Italics into the font? I can't seem to figure out any way to use these with spritefonts, due to the need for character mapping

  • Evdog

    No. You have to keep in mind that a SpriteFont is not really a font. It's just a trick to map characters to sprites that happen to have character images. There is no concept of Styles on a SpriteFont.

  • blackhornet

    Hello, how to save low-scaled pixel fonts without aliasing? For example, i want to save pixel font with scale 8px and after saving it should looks like pixel font, not like soap.

  • You'd have to do them yourself, at that size.

  • Best tool evah!

  • blackhornet I'm trying to make a spritefont that has the height of 7 pixels on the lower characters using the outlined version of this font: http://www.dafont.com/onesize.font but it always comes out missing bits, and I have to use version 1 to do it without anti-aliasing. Any idea how I can get this done?

  • Zebbi

    The tool just isn't meant for pixel fonts. Sorry.

  • Zebbi

    The tool just isn't meant for pixel fonts. Sorry.

    No problem, are there any spritefont tools that would do a C2 compatible pixel font?

  • Hey blackhornet, I'm not sure you're aware of that and I thought you might want to know.

    There is a problem with Thai language. They have some kind of "half letters" and when GYFM filters the input to remove duplicates it changes Thai letters and the sprite font can't be used properly. I'm not sure how Thai letters work and if you'd be interested in investigating that (I belive it would take some time), but I think the quick workaround would be to give an option for automated filtering (duplicates removal) or manual. So we could just paste the letters we use and export them without filtering.

    I think other Asian languages with "combined characters" might have the same issue.

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  • Thank you very useful

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