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  • I was thinking about setting up a webiste for selling Construct 2 game templates and was wondering if there would be any interest before I went through all the work of doing so.

    I would be selling game templates like this:

    Spooky Cats:

    Chicken Pet Game:


    These games are mobile playable, you could reskin them or whatever.

    Anyway, do you think this a good idea and would you be interested in purchasing? I probably won't actually do this unless I can gauge potential interest.

  • I was considering selling my Word Search and Spelling game templates as well. I would reconsider your prices though. I understand you want to keep prices down, but if the prices are too low it will flood the market with games exactly like yours.

    Don't make it too easy on people to reskin your games . You took the time and effort to make these games, don't sell yourself short.

    That's just my opinion of course .

  • ArcadEd

    Thanks, I didn't think too much about those estimates, I think you're right. I'm probably not going to to this anyway, I'll probably keep on just selling and putting ads in my own apps instead of selling to other developers, I just wanted to test the waters a bit.

  • There was talk of a Scirra store, but T&A haven't said much about implementing it for regular users.

    Of course you have to take into account the stuff they already have on their plates.

  • I think it might make more sense when they implement modularity.

    You may be able to make a bit off of, say, running a website with ads and releasing some small templates, but I don't think you'd make much until users have more of a "plug and play" function that modularity will bring.

    Just my two pennies. :)

  • I think if someone want to buy Construct 2 template, is mostly because they don't have enough skill to make it themselve, or they don't even want to learn, just need something that works and easily to edit. So unless you carefully develop the game in the simplest way, and give them very detailed document, otherwise they won't be able to use it.

  • I think that people would buy the templates IF it were decently priced for what it was. Again, it would have to be very detailed. I'd say you are most likely going to be able to sell the mammoth programs that take months of programming to make rather than simple ones. If someone can program it in a week or two, it probably won't be selling. That said, the mammoth programs should go for a decent amount of money. Also, be careful what version of Construct 2 you use to make it! (not everyone wants to run the betas!)

  • People will buy templates, tools and all sorts of benefits. Not just for the reason of "not enough skill", but the idea of time saving is so important. If $500 can save even 3 days of work then that's 3 days of additional productivity. Also since you can use the template again that's more than worth the bargain. Especially if the template is will written.

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  • I already thought about open a topic to sell my Construct 2 templates, where i should write the game in a way that everyone can easily customize it for what they want. But then i heard about modularity, guess i should wait until then.

  • The people who buy templates to reskin are mostly doing so to make a small amount of ad revenue over time. pumping out game, after game and building up passive income they can build upon. with that said. I've made all of my money over the last 4 months selling templates. I've never spent more then a week on a template. I'm not that great either. So I'd sell templates if you need the money to make the game you really wanna make. If what you do normally is easily made into a template, You can make a lot of money selling templates. As well as make relationships with people who need you for contract work or want a feature added to the game they bought. Try looking for some of the "code" marketplaces maybe to test the waters.

  • There is nothing bad in selling templates.

  • Just you wait, when modularity come out, i will open a C2 template shop... maybe.

  • russpuppy i am interested in all of your templates. P.M me the price you would like to sell.

  • Kcpunk666 are you making Construct 2 templates or other game engine templates?

  • I wonder if something like would be a good place to set up store

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