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  • russpuppy All construct 2 templates or related work, except one gamesalad reskin.

    about a 1/3 of the games here are construct 2... sells games for cheaper and they take a big cut, but regular Buyer base.

    this I found yesterday, but was think of giving a try when I get some free time.

    just googled this


  • Kcpunk666 cool stuff, i might have to buy some of your templates

  • russpuppy I wouldn't buy my templates, lol. They were all from when I started with C2. Making templates in the beginning, when I first started, bought me enough time to get a lot better with C2 and motivation to get better. If I release a template now I wouldn't be ashamed of it. Which I have a few in the works (out side of the 10 other projects I jump between) that are not quite finished. I try to spend as little time making templates as possible. My goal is to make a game that I actually wanna play. The relationships I've made making templates have been really important for work. Anyway... lol

  • Kcpunk666 at first i thought the code canyon link you pasted was a link to your app portfolio, so I guess I haven't seen your apps yet

  • Well here's what I'm thinking of doing... I think I'll set up using the cheap plans on (this is the best simple digital goods delivery service I could find, anyone know of anything better?) with paypal integration to deliver the digital goods and some kind of free website hosting (maybe tumblr) for the app description pages. That way I don't have to have some other site taking a big cut out of my sales (codecanyon fees are pretty hefty!)

  • Good luck! Let me know how that works out.

  • I would pay $20 for a starter template that allowed you to build a mobile friendly game that worked on all aspect ratios and screen sizes. Considering screen sizes on mobile are a big issue for beginners and intermediate users of Construct 2, I think that kind of template alone would be a game changer.

  • Goodluck Russpuppy I hope your store works out well.

    I don't feel bad about having been setting up my store for the last while. Good luck Russpuppy

  • This may be kind of a hard question to answer, but does anyone know what kind of laws there are for sales tax and other legal issues for having your own website selling digital goods? Is it something that I'd have to worry about?

  • This may be kind of a hard question to answer, but does anyone know what kind of laws there are for sales tax and other legal issues for having your own website selling digital goods? Is it something that I'd have to worry about?

    maybe this answers my own question:

    so it sounds like I wouldn't have to worry about sales tax?

  • That's only state law. Federal laws may be different depending of where the transaction officially takes place. I personally think it's theft for the US government to demand tax from everybody using Amazon, or banking, or any service with a US presence, but that money is often automatically stolen from you, despite you being Australian, British, German, etc.

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  • Well I'm one step closer to start selling my templates. I've been working on cleaning up some of my projects, adding comments to events, etc. Here's what I have for the site so far, I only have one game listed so far (everything including prices are subject to change):, would appreciate any feedback.

    Also, I'd would love to get some template requests if there's something you need and about how much you think would be fair to pay for it.

    Here's a few templates I was thinking about making (some would be simple templates and I'd probably only charge $5-$10, more complex templates would be more):

    • Multiplayer Soccer Game (using multiplayer plugin)
    • Simple memory matching game
    • Fireworks game
    • Fully skinned platform game with many pre-built levels (with mobile controls)
  • It is interesant...

  • I would consider buying "templates" - I have too many ideas, not enough time. I am primarily interested in making education software but I like to include mini-games or game levels within the design. If a template saved me a bunch of work then that would be interesting. I think the main problems are

    1. how well is it written, can I extend and incorporate the code into my own project?

    2. are there any game concepts available that take my fancy?

    To be honest thinking about it while writing, I come to the conclusion that there would be a tiny market for templates - there would be a much larger market for coming up with custom templates. - i.e., writing to order. For example, I am quite keen for example, to include a jetpack joyride like level in my next program. I will end up making it myself but if I found a starter capx then that could potentially save me a few days of work and maybe I could learn something from whoever wrote it, or they did some nifty thing that I hadn't though of. Anyway, I am just thinking out loud.

  • Interesting how everyone has their own take one what templates they'd buy. I think i'll stick to the strategy of trying to put out templates that I would buy myself--which would include full game templates as well as partial game templates that maybe demonstrate a useful but maybe more complex feature

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