is there an rpg world builder?

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  • so, i'm working on an rpg game, and now i'm down to the maps. i have some spritesheets. but they're wayy to hard to cut out, so is there an application that would let me create levels and save it as a picture? i could just add collisions later.

    and if not, are there any PRE-CUT rpg resources out there for free?


  • From a performance standpoint, I would take the time to cut out (or make!) your resources in manageable objects that you could use to assemble your levels in C2's editor. You would drastically improve memory load and file sizes. That, and it'll be easier to make changes later. The temptation to fully make your levels in Photoshop is there, but I would suggest avoiding that route. I don't necessarily mean tiles, though that is a wonderful option for many, but making smaller and more flexible objects is something you would thank yourself for later.

    Also, I feel it increases the likelihood of completing the game--a very real concern for indie developers.

  • You might find Tiled helpful. Its a freeware map editor with a variety of export options, and tons of tutorials.

  • Else you could check RPG Maker, I remember there were few templates given with the software (useful, but only if you go for a top-down classic JRPG)

  • For designing tile based levels and previewing my pixel art tiles I often use "Tiled" as mentioned by Rabid

    Sved has recommended one of the better tools for making a complete RPG game as quick and efficiently as possible but if you're simply talking about the world/areas within your rpg game look into Tiled as a map editor. It's pretty good and I love it!

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  • i'm now using tiled. thanks guys.

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