Where do you get your music from?

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  • Hey. I am searching for sounds and music for my game. On istockphoto.com I found what I am searching (rainforest sfx) for, but...

    I read their licence and if you want to use the sound/music in games your game has to be limited to 2000.

    How do you do?

  • I have many audio artists that work with me for free :).

    There Are many talented young audio artists looking for experience, they just want there music on a game or something, you just have to find them. Look on the newgrounds forum for collaboration.

    Although don't tell them your using construct 2 as those forums re for AS3 developers like me <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Make it myself.

  • These are some links I've saved off for music and sound resources. Other than incompetech.com, I have no personal experience with them, but they are a starting point. Comments are what they say about themselves [unless in brackets.]

    Has anyone else used any of these? Does anyone have any others?


    Royalty free music. [free with attribution; purchase if you don't want to attribute..]


    "Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects

    plus free music loops, free sound effects, free midi files and free audio software."


    "140,000 sound effects and loops. Unlimited Downloads for $249/year! [Note: various plans, starting with 5 sounds for $9 up to unlimited for $249 a year.]

    Now featuring Premium Sound Effects from the sound designers of:

    Batman Begins, Million Dollar Baby, Ali, Happy Feet, Star Trek, The Addams Family, Tron, The Hunt for Red October and more."

    "You are Free:

    • To remix or transform the sounds in any way
    • To copy and transmit the sounds- but not resell them as they are originally downloaded from Soundsnap
    • To use the sounds in any music, film, video game, website etc. whether commercial or not, without paying addiotional royalties or other fees beyond the initial membership cost (if any)"


    Royalty free music loops and full length tracks for preview and immediate download. Full resolution stereo WAV files, no cue sheet, no hassles.


    Our collection of background music loops is made especially for use with flash and websites. Royalty Free music loops are also suitable for games, PowerPoint, presentations, video, films, etc. All our music is 100% original, produced in our studio by professional musicians.


    Soughtafter Sounds provides professional music & sound design to independent game developers, as well as film makers, advertising teams and organisations looking to include an originally composed audio architecture within their development.

    [Free commercial music requires that you provide credit, let them use your project name in promoting their music or something like that...?]

    Audio Micro

    Music loops starting at $4 a track, Sound FX starting at $1 a track. Also free music and SFX.

  • Incompetech.com is simply the best. No small print, just find your music and download the songs. Almost every genre and feel, if you look for long enough!

  • I've developed pretty good relationships with a number of composers over the years, and commission work from one of them in the majority of cases.

    If I'm in a rush and/or need to save money my go-to royalty-free libraries are SoundSnap and AudioJungle.

    If you've got the budget and time for it custom written music can be a great way to help establish a strong branding for your games though -- think how many people know and recognise the Mario Bros or Tetris themes!

  • Thank you all. This will be very helpfull. The music for my game allready exists, but I need jungle atmosphere sounds for the background.

  • freesound.org

    Freesound aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse.

  • I have taken sound-effect.com. Again: Thanks for your help!!

  • As an animator/music supervisor for a mid sized app & game developer, I have to source various sounds & scores for use in our products.

    Freesound.org has been great for some basic sounds we've required, but we predominantly use Soughtaftersounds.com due to the music's originality & quality, especialy the custom scores we have commisioned.

    In addition, if say, you use one of their tracks and at some point they sell that track as a standalone music release as something like the soundtrack to "your game name" (as in theory it is then the soundtrack to the game, they also include a link back to your game or whatever

    it is that your creating. So even more promotion for our app's.

    Hope this helps anyone looking for music for their games.

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  • I found these Naruto sound effects. Might be handy to you so I'm posting the link. Cheers!

    BTW. You might run through a survey before you get the rar file :P.


  • I make 8-bit music (composed primarily on an old-school gameboy using a nanoloop cartridge) and release all my work for free under the Creative Commons ShareAlike-Attribution license, which means your free to use it if you provide credit.

    If you're interested in checking out my tunes, you can find them at:


    Let me know if you use them and I'll link to your game :)

  • Cool. I like your music!

  • I make a lot of music myself, but there is a good source for RPG/Horror music called Presence of Music, that I've seen used in RPG Maker games like Finding Eden. Has great sample quality, a lot of awesome, etc. etc.

    I should be putting up a topic showcasing my own music at some point in the near future. If you have the time, please check it out and critique!

  • I make my own stuff as well.

    Message me if you want me to compose a track for your game after May 5th:

    Link to the Tunage

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