Mixamo.com 3D Model into Construct 2

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  • Mixamo.com provides Animated 3D characters. Starts from

    1) creating your 3D model (either creating your own using the FREE adobe Fuse or choosing from a variety of wonderful, royalty free 3D models) ,

    2) Rigging your model FREE, and

    3) animating the model (there are +4000 free animations clips). No 3D knowledge required, simple clicks and you character is ready!

    3D is awesome, but many developers still love 2D because of its simplicity. You need neither a heavy 3D models nor a heavy 3D engine to deal with. There are many amazing 2D games in the market, and some are created with a professional 3D looking that you cannot believe it is 2D, but there are limitations!

    The question is: there are huge 3D resources on the web so why we cannot utilize and use them for our 2D games. Is there any tool that can be used to fill that gap?!


    Finally, there is a tool! SpritMator (from spritmator.com) is a powerful tool that helps you to extract the spritesheet for the animated 3D model. You can create a professional 3D looking game and import it into your 2D environment.

    In this article, I will not talk about SpritMator and its unique features. Please visit the site to know more. Instead, I want to show a real example of how you can use Mixamo.com 3D model and animation and extract the spritesheet for it.

    Demo and Source Code FREE:


    In this project I used the following:

    #Character Info#

    Name: Maw

    From: Mixamo.com

    License: (Royalty free)

    #Animations Info#

    • Idle (from Mixamo.com - Creature Pack - Idle_1)
    • Punch (from Mixamo.com - Creature Pack - Punch)
    • Swip (from Mixamo.com - Creature Pack - Swiping)
    • Jump (from Mixamo.com - Creature Pack - Jump)
    • Die (from Mixamo.com - Creature Pack - Dying)

    #3D Custom Control#

    Since we are introducing a new concept, we did not find a predefined Movement system, so, we create a simple custom movement system. Feel free to modify. If you need any help please contact us.

    As you can see in the demo, we were able to use Mr. Maw (from Mixamo.com) in our game; and so you can do for any other model you like! We sure this piece of software is going to change the way you are developing your 2D games.

    The Software still in its beta version and it is FREE! Go to spritmator.com, get your copy and surprise me with your next amazing (3D looking) game.

    If you find bugs, or need any feature please contact the support at : support spritmator.com OR open a ticket within your member dashboard.

    Thank you!

  • Neat, you are using Mixamo.com to advertise your rendering application? Why not include their own rendering and modeling application?


    It is also free, and ports directly into Blender, Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya. (lots of other 2d 2.5d, and 3D applications as well.)

    Even better, it allows you to tweak the models, to make a unique character!

    The people who make (Adobe) Photoshop bought Mixamo, and FUSE a long time ago. They offer some other newer solutions to character creation, rendering and animation.

  • Hi,

    Thanks very much for your reply!

    Sure You Are Absolutely Right!

    In this article I'm showing an example (skipping lots of the details) how to extract the spritesheet for the animated 3D model such as Mixamo/Fuse models (and later using it in your 2D game).

    I'm providing Mixamo here as an example of available 3D resource that we can utilize/use. Not how to create a 3D model. That is the whole point behind SpritMator (our application).

    In fact SpritMator (our application) can neither create nor import 3D model directly. And we are not interesting to do so (at least for now)

    I suggest you to visit the demo that we created using SpritMator, and realize the integration of the results with Construct 2. Can any of the applications you mentioned help you to do that?

  • In short this seems to be a dedicated 3d model & animation to 2d sprite sheet app. Something that can be learnt in blender or more expensive alternatives. This is something like Spriteworks?

    Presumably the strength of this would be in the simplicity of the workflow and I do get the attraction of that versus more complex software. Do you have any workflow videos?

  • Exactly DankP3!

    We are working on video tutorials! If you are interested, try to register (for free) or to subscribe to our newsletter so we will send you a notification once they are ready!

  • Trying to understand the business model... So the customer pays per uploaded fbx+animations to have them converted into your file format for use in the app? (this assumes I am allowed to upload my 3d objects and animations as I think Mixamo, for example, prevents me from so distributing). If correct, this actually seems expensive given the free access to the 3d object, textures and animations and the potential to use blender to generate sprite sheets (although I haven't tried mixamo, again for example, in that workflow)? Do I understand?

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  • Hi DankP3! Thanks for your questions!

    In regards to our application (and comparing it to blender)

    I've created a FAQ page for you: spritmator.com/faq

    In regards to Mixamo.com (this something related to Adobe, better to contact them directly)

    Here is my answer , If I understand your question correctly:

    "Mixamo contents are royalty-free", for now!!.


    I suggest to read that page in full.

    So, for Mixamo content we are planning to have them in our library! You don't need to pay for any of them! It is just a matter of time to include many if not all of them.

    You, also, can suggest what you want so we can reorder our to-do list to have yours first.

    Mixamo is our start point. We will try to find another good resource to include them but we always need to be sure it is legal. For Mixamo what we do is 100% legal!

    I hope that I answered your questions! Please let me know if you still need more clarification!

  • Hello Wonderful C2 Members,

    I want to make this article as a list for all characters that are ready for C2 (included within C2 Project), instead of create different post for each model. So, just keep eyes on this post as it will be updated regularly.

    (Download the source files requires registration! If you don't prefer this way please wait until it is approved in the store)

    1) Maw

    Demo: construct2.spritmator.com/maw

    Download : spritmator.com/construct-2

    In the Store: Soon

    2) Erika

    Demo: construct2.spritmator.com/erika

    Download : spritmator.com/construct-2

    In the Store: Soon

    3) In progress....

    What next! What do you prefer?

    Please submit below what you want. I will try to prepare it for you!

    Please mention the Model Name, and what the animation clips?


  • Didn't you make a post about this already?

  • That was introduction (talking about the software itself). Here I'm not introducing a tool!

    Here, this article will list completed C2 projects, including link to store! And will be updated!

    Also, it will be used to receive member help requests and their contributions as well if any.

    But! The title seems to be so close! Do you prefer to change it? Any suggestion?

  • The general etiquette is to start in a relevant sub-forum(this is a tool, not about C2), and to keep it to one thread.

    Surely you can understand the need to keep the forum from looking spammy.

  • I'm trying to delete this post. It seems I cannot delete. Would you please delete this post. I will update the previous thread instead.

  • Let's see if Kyatric or zenox98 could merge the topics.

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    Please try to refrain from multiposting in different (not relevant) sections.

    Many thanks

  • Thanks Kyatric and zenox98,

    Can you please also delete unwanted comments, those related to merging.

    Starting from newt comments. Up to this comment. It is out of the thread subject.

    Many thanks!

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