Mixamo.com 3D Model into Construct 2

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  • Nope, better keep all the posts it actually makes much more sense to understand what happened.

    But from now on, it's best to actually come back to the original topic(s) and keep at it.

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  • I see fuse useful in combination with photoshop.

    I create a character, I choose specifics animations.. In photoshop using 3d tool you can extract png per frame from the view you want.

    I see fuse useful even for characters as a background models.. Manager asistants (video), characters in graphic adventure under first person perpective..

    If you think a bit.. You find ways to use 3d in construct 2

    Besides.. A few notions in blender with low poly and you can get good results with 3d prerendered things and used as png..

    Side plattaformer, isometric stuff.. Construct 2 is more powerful than it seems.. The problem comes when you try to do an AAA.. You have to know that is impossible.

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