Where Can I Find Good Communities (of Artists Mainly)

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  • I'm new to Construct 2. And game development in general. I have to say I love the Scirra Construct community, the tutorials, the forum, and members always willing to lend a hand with construct related stuff is rather encouraging. That said, it's hard to find aspects/types of game developers other than programmers here (artists, designers, for example). I'd like to know if there are any forums/communities on the web, that are as helpful as the Scirra Construct community but with other types/aspects of game devs? Right now I'm in urgent need of artists (but your suggestions don't have to be limited to communities of artists, I'd love to find communities of game fiction writers, designers, and or other types of game developers). Communities with people that want to work on game dev teams, (or help out,) work on games that'll potentially never see the light of day, just for the fun of it, much like the Scirra Construct community.

  • First of all. Welcome.

    I'm an artist and designer (and recently game developer)

    I find there's plenty of active artist communities out there. So far my favorite is still Deviant Art

    which has artists from all schools and levels.

    I hope that helps if only a little.

  • Thank you I'll give deviant art a proper try some time. Although, at first glance, it looks like a deep artists community. How would one even approach an artist on deviant art?

  • nchima You make an account and send him a message. The accounts are free. Then you can just search for the art style your looking for and you also have game "specific" artist in the community that are always making assets .

    Also I think if you post something in the forums and enough artists see it they may actually start coming out of the shadows and going like **pst.. I'm an artist what do you need** while they open they'r trench coat and show you their wares... ok I went all imaginative again... just ignore the rambles

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  • DeviantArt for random artists and https://cghub.com/ for professionals.

  • Ragevortex hmmm... Okay. Sounds easy enough. Will start my adventure when the sun comes up.

  • TELLES0808 Professionals. I like the sound of that. But pros can also be a little double edged, wanting to give as much as they take (or maybe its just my assumptions). Anyone thank you too. Will explore start exploring in the morning.

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