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  • Hi guys! Im new in game design, I would just like to ask what would you suggest to us beginners as the best free sprite maker software for Construct 3? Piskel? Pain dot Net? Gimp? Graphicscale? Krita? etc.


  • For the most part it boils down to preference. I use Krita for drawing stuff because I like how it handles drawing, but I also use Photoshop for many things.

    Gimp will also do just as fine, so will In case of Piskel/Graphicsgale they seem to be specifically for pixel art, that´s fine if pixel art is what you want to go for.

  • Aseprite is the best tool for pixel art imo.

  • I read that to freely use aseprite it needs to be compiled but isn't compiled aseprite the same as cracked?

  • It's only $15 USD, a solo dev, throw him some cash, its an amazing tool.

  • thanks jobel but you can use it for free if you compile it yourself right?

  • Apparently, Aseprite is not open source, so I'm not sure how you can "compile it yourself" - compared to Gimp for example.

    Also, please stop talking about trying to "crack" a software in our forums.

    As previously mentioned, why not supporting a solo-developer who has put hours of work in a product you are looking to use ?

    Piracy talks won't be tolerated in those forums.

    At last Construct does have some basic drawing tools that may help you get started and already do prototype graphics to start prototyping your games.

  • Sorry there are a number of youtube videos showing how to compile Aseprite but I don't have a visual basic lol I might as well use Piskel which is free but I don't know if it's as good as all the other top 2d pixel software.

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  • The best tool is the one you feel comfortable with.

  • for freeware use GIMP2, you'll just wish you shelled out the tiny amount of money (compared to what you get) for Aseprite. If you watch any videos on Youtube with MortMort on Aseprite you'll see the value in it. It should easily go for double or 3 times what it now currently costs.

  • Actually, Aseprite is an open source. You can compile and use Aseprite yourself.

    Just you cannot redistribute compiled versions of Aseprite.

  • thanks Eren but I am noob when it comes to digital softwares much more to compile it lol I'm just starting out in this exciting field and Ive got alot of options to weigh lots of things to learn sorry for the trouble

  • Actually I tried to download this Aseprite link youtube dot com/watch?v=domTVRiGCjs it was a full version I guess, it was easy to use with preview and animation and even skinning but when I learned it was cracked I immediately deleted it so I'm searching for another alternative I tried graf2x but I find its ui boring I also did download Piskel but I feel like it does not have enough tools...I also have paint dot net with its plug ins but I'm not using it same with graphics gale...I know the secret in making a great art or game design relies on the creator himself but I'd just like to use the best tools without spending I'm just starting out so I dont have a budget yet lol

  • Lots of small issues in making art: resolution, file type, frame rates, etc. You need to be part techie, part artist and part animator.

    There are also cool animation sprite makers like SPRITER and so on.

    I will be having workshops that specifically address art making and animation in the future - you will see it posted in the future at my workshop site FYI Please share with your peers.

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