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  • I personally found it very hard to keep track of all the great Plugins, Behaviors and Effects that are available for contruct 2 so far, so i made a little tool to quickly check them out:

    It previews the Plugin/Behavior/Effect and allows to download and install it with one click.

    For plugins that are hosted on own webspace or paid plugins the program allows to visit the homepage of the author / website to buy the plugin. A forum link is also provided.

    Currently i've only added a few samples in each category for testing purposes because i was wondering if anyone else is even interested in something like this.

  • Sounds like a useful thing as long as it's constantly updated and accessible.

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  • Yes, it needs a lot of work to keep them to the latest version.

  • Well, once i have the "basics" in it's quite easy to update (replace a zip file on my server), the rest is done automatically.

    Let's just say i have a bit of free time at work sometimes

  • If you can make it happen and keep it updated I think it would be amazing.

  • OK i'll iron out some bugs (and add error handling ) and then i'll upload a test build. Don't be amazed by the size (30mb)... it's because i use awesomenium for the realtime previews


    This is a must. Currently, plugins addons and things like that on C2 are a complete and total mess.

    We absolutely need this tool. I know a lot about UX and UI design, I can give you a big hand at making this tool useful for everyone Ize - PM if you need help with this.

  • Excellent - Is it coded in Construct2?

  • I had made a plugin repo. But I only maintain my plugins.

  • OK guys, i'll try to get a test build out in the next few days.

    notnsane yeah... the ui is not really pretty right now, it works and that's it... if you have a concept that would be better i could try to make something

    rexrainbow i know, it's worth it for your 100 million plugins and behaviors though

  • K, some UX ideas:

    1. First thing should happen, user opens the app then gets asked to provide Construct 2 location - this should be forced and checked each time, since without this the app wouldn't work correctly. If the app can detect the location, better.

    2. Then... there might be conflicts with existing plugins. How would you check if the user has an old plugin version? This should be very important to ensure that the user always get the latest version.

    2.a. If the user has the plugin installed AND it's the latest version, disable Download button (or provide a link to the folder since .c2addons need you to drag and drop it into C2 - terrible idea but what we going to do about it...

    3. And I think that's it. Nothing else should be needed

    Here's a very, very, very quick mockup of the main UI (note this is mockup, not real UI. Don't mind the colors, also). I'm torn between a ComboBox or simple buttons to select either Behavior, Effect or Plugin, but will do for now.

    Words between [ ] should be replaced by an icon. ("Forum link" should have the "Forum link" text, though, same for "Homepage" (or Site link, call it whomever you want =P)

    I forgot to include a scroll bar for the plugin lists, that the black square is the live preview, and if you include the update checker, there should be a button to check for updates of the individual plugin IF the user has the plugin installed.

  • 1. already in

    2. the plugins are parsed on each startup to get the local version

    2a. done minus the folder thing

    k back 2 work


    working on the ui and error handling...

    ui now based on notnsane 's layout:

    looks a bit nicer

  • Just so you guys know, i'm still working on this!

    I had (have) some bugs that i have to fix so i didn't upload a build yet... maybe next week but then it will atleast be somewhat stable.

    Version checks are in

  • waiting patiently for this...

    If the legendary Rex is working on/with this...rainbows would spew from eyeballs and mouth! lol

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Ize

    Love it man! If you need some unique icons, loading screen or an interface to improve the visual feeling, just let me know. I´ll gladly help out on such an amazing project:)

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