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  • Ize - It looks like a good tool to find latest plugins for C2.

    Maybe you should give the UI a bit of flat-style design like the current Windows Metro UI.

  • "|rexrainbow i know, it's worth it for your 100 million plugins and behaviors though "

    he barely scratched the surface of 100 plugins and behaviors, but they are very welcomed and useful

    however i enjoy your plugin auto updater, but its a bit of a to much work for you to do now sounds ok, but when people starts to massively use it, its not gonna be practical anymore.

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  • Just a last update from me... this won't be finished.

    After testing the unreal engine 4 for a few weeks, i have decided to switch to it instead of construct 2.

    My sprites were based on 3d models anyway so that is one step less for me that i have to do and now i have the ability to make 3d games as well (i bought q3d plugin before :/)

    Construct 2 is good for what it's supposed to do but it always kind of limited me and i got stock on stuff that shouldn't be hard to solve but was. With UE4 blueprints i remade a working prototype of my human minesweeper game in less than 2 days in full 3d and it runs fluid on every platform i tested(windows, html5 and android) thanks to the native exporters.

    C2 helped me understand the basics and i could transfer alot to UE4 blueprints so this helped me alot.

    I had a good time with contruct and contruct 2 but now it's time to move on.

    Thanks Ashley & Tom


  • oh, so i came here and... it's canceled.

    nevermind that, i've had the same idea for plugin manager not so long ago, and you can check my thread guys ~ (c2 plugin manager) - i've started working on it

    like 2 days ago i think, so it's still basic, login is ready, and i have lots of ideas and stuff, so you can join up there ! : )

  • Interesting!

  • I would just love this. I am new to Construct and this would be a major help in finding the right plug-ins/effects that I can/want to use. I really hope this is happens.

    Keep up the great work

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