Array contents editor (2D, 3D) [BETA]

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  • Made a program for visual editing of the array. After creating a Event (System - On start of layout) and choose the action Array - Load. There are inserting the resulting JSON and when loading the game get filled array.

    There is a function to save and load the array, changing the size of the array.

    When you create a JSON into account the value of the cell and provides the correct format as numbers and text.

    Hopefully useful to many. Since some of the array is not used because of its intricacies

    Basic features:

    -Working with large arrays (More than 1000000 cells)

    -Working with 3D arrays (X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis)

    -Built-in memory for 10 arrays

    -Load array from JSON

    -Ability to invert the axis

    Update 10.04.2015

    URL ?


    ArrayCE_v2.0. New Beta version. Creat on Construct2

  • Cool little tool - thanks for the share

  • Where the reviews? Write something extra or something is missing. And it works at all? ))

  • New version. Is more fast and support very large arrays ))

  • Hi - sorry for not leaving better feedback.. the tool works nicely - I haven't found any bugs - not with larger arrays either. The only thing that might be missing featurewise the ability to make 3d arrays .. but i hardly ever use those myself - so for me it doesn't matter .

  • Hi, can you provide a .capx example because i can't load the array. Thanks!

  • Never mind, the bug was on my side! It's working well and it's easy to use. I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks and i'll try to do a tutorial with your program because it's saving me lots of time!

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  • Thank U. Would be nice if you make a tutorial on using. So I myself will try to use your spare time to do a little lesson on the use of arrays. To show what they do and how they can be used.

  • New version. Now you can work with 3d arrays

  • Cool, thanks for sharing.

  • .. excellent tool .Thanks!

  • thank you DeXVinogradov

  • Great tool and thanks for sharing


    How do you scroll right - my array is 20 on the x and I can only see 8

    If you want to use this inside an external file .json you need to remove the double quotations marks and the quotation marks surrounding the whole results.


    "{""c2array"":true,""size"":[20,10,1],""data"":[[[""Crab""],[""Pig""],[""Frog""],[""....... would need to be: {"c2array":true,"size":[20,10,1],"data":[[["Crab"],["Pig"],["Frog"],["......... Win64 version Thanks again

  • Great tool and thanks for sharing


    How do you scroll right - my array is 20 on the x and I can only see 8

    Win64 version

    Thanks again

    Later will be a new version with a more intuitive graphical interface

  • Got it thanks

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