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  • Does anyone know any good free medium sized program that makes 3d graphics for games?

    it's really cool how to add 3d graphics in 2d games! Like clash of clans.

    edit** An easy one too **edit

  • Blender 3d


  • , I hate Blender, it's too damn hard on me

  • Autodesk 3DS Max, and maybe Art of Illusion. I'm also use Anim8or.

  • SketchUp is really easy to use, but mostly for Maps and Buildings!

  • 3DS max is far from free.

  • you are right!

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  • I would still say give Blender another try. I have really started to appreciate how powerfull it is. Specially cycles renderer and all for free.

    You usually don't need most of the stuff, but it is nice that you have the options. And no matter what program you use you still have to get the hang of the modeling, for example plan a bit ahead how many polygons you need for a certain shape later (if you are not familiar with 3d modeling). I would also recommend to use some reference images.

    And if you don't like texturing (UV unwrap and all that) the vertex paint tool is good option as well.

    You will see that I'm by no means a pro with Blender, but here is one character example what I made with vertex paint.

    Then when you feel confortable with the software you have the option to make some photorealistic bread

  • Katala nice 3d graphic! Well, I guess it needs time to catch up in 3D modeling , since I don't anything about 3D graphic editors expect they are 3D

  • Naji

    You could try Bryce, SoftImage XSI, Wings3d, Seamless3d but, no matter the tool you choose, you are going to have to work through learning it. There is no such thing as a 3d modelling tool that you just immediately know how to use. Also, while free, some of these tools licenses don't allow you to create commercial content unless you pay.

    I started 3d modelling using 3dS Max. It is an amazing tool but, as mentioned, too expensive. I tried Blender and XSI and finally settled on Blender because it has the most features and a completely permissible license. It can be hard to learn but, so are every one of these other tools.

    <Note> a list of 3d modelling programs can be found here:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_3D ... g_software

  • My vote for Blender3D , I have used 3Ds Max and Maya before but they are too costly for me, so I switched to Blender3D , for the first time it's kinda little weird mean to say the navigation and keyboard shortcuts , but as you get use to it, it's a breeze.

    After that make some model , render it what kind of output you want and you can use those photo or pic in C2 and they really look like 3D, I have done this before in a game which is yet uncompleted.

  • I'm a graduated 3D-artist and I do most of my work in 3Ds max and Zbrush. I can assure you that every 3D-software feels too complicated in the beginning. But after a few tutorials on youtube you'll be able to get the hang of it and boom you'll love it and can make whatever you want Good luck!

  • Anonnymitet your graphics are totally amazing! Great job out here!

  • Blender has one of the worst UIs, I've seen, honestly.

  • Naji Thank you, but that image isn't anything advanced really

    Azu I agree if you are coming from for example Maya or 3Ds max. Then it feels quite messy. But I think that is just something you'll get used to after playing around with it for a while.

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