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  • Even before I used 3DS max or Maya, I tired blender and I couldn't stand the UI. Same reason why I don't like GM.

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  • I used to work for years with Cinema 4D and then tried Blender. Although I know that Blender is very powerful and can easily compete with the industry standard, I couldn't access its powers - just because of that we-need-to-be-different user interface. It complicates things, isn't intuitive, hinders you more than guiding you.

    However, there's another free modeler you shouldn't ignore: Sculptris

    Easy said it works quite like in real life, where you would take some clay and form your model from it. Its approach is less technical, more artistic.

  • I can use Blender on my older PCs, but not in my current PC. Blender's UI is scattered in my Lenovo IdeaPad S110. Maybe Blender isn't support with Intel cards. So I'm use 3ds Max, Wings 3D or Anim8or.

  • Daz3d is nice . The app is free and the 3d model that comes with the free app is morphable , No 3d modelling needed just morph the existing mesh and you are good to go.

  • Go with Zbrush for modelling and Blender for animation. Blender modelling is a bit difficult but once you learn the short cuts and the tricks it can be fast as well.

  • Trade hate and hard with these:

    free and open source

    modelling, composer, game maker, python scripting, sculpting, animation

    zip file of size 80 mb

    I think there is no commercial software with such combined all feature

    Learn through video tutorials and try and error.

  • Carrara is about 170 bucks at daz3d.com right now. The best thing is that you can export animations with the alpha layer in the exact file names of Construct 2 animation images if you name the animation 0 and set it to a 2 digit frame count, gets you up to 90 frames and allows you to directly overwrite ready made animations. Seems like the best option for 3d and is more affordable than most 3d packages.

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