Visual Novel and perspective of future colloboration

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  • Hello guys,

    My name is Markas, and I am experienced programmer/games designer from Lithuania.

    After finishing my last project, there I was employed to work on, and not enjoying that I could not change the way game is looking, I thought about building my own little team. At the moment it's just me and few of my friends, with that I've worked before.

    Our first game project would be a visual novel, as it's one of easier game types to create, followed by rpg.

    We will use several game engines, as every engine has game types it's better than others by one way or another. Mostly Construct 2 and Unity, however there's a chance of using RPG Maker VX ACE and GameMaker.

    All slots are still open. From sounds artist to programmer. Mostly looking for 2d artists for visual novel. Fell free to join our team.

    Communicatiion will be using skype. For more info add: markis1958 .

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  • PMed you

  • Nesteris: yes, of course. However:

    We decided to create a turns-based strategy game. It will be cartoonish in-medevial most likely. Music will be queit-background, and also combat-summoning emotes (check out hearthstone sound to know what Im talking about). If you are willing yo join our little team, add me on skype: markis1958, or write me an e-mail:

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