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  • Hello Scirra users,

    I'm an artist who's like some of you tired of working alone. My goal is to create relatively simple mobile games that accomplish a few goals:

    1. create polished products that show great revenue potential

    2. create a fan base

    3. be able to fund larger future projects with paid positions (not that I can't pay a little something now)

    *Of course fair revenue share would be a part of this deal, but this is my future profession.

    For now all I need is these roles

    Artist- One who can color and polish what I produce. (Freedoms will be discussed as I don't want to micromanage your artistic vision.)

    Menu maker!

    C2 programmer - One who knows how to implement multiplayer functions for wifi play and create an endless runner.

    C2 programmer - Someone who can implement leaderboards, social media buttons


    I know marketers and people who would give me professional advice. Once we get there we can get to that point in prototyping/ rough drafts we can get a music maker.

    What I offer:

    Concept Art/Final Product - I can color stuff so if I have to do all of the art that'd fine.

    Game mechanics/ gameplay and menu layouts sketch out in detail. Everything up for discussion to develop best layout flow and most fun game mechanics.

    You will never be lost for what to do.

    If you PM me I will give you art samples and examples of the simple first game I'd love to make.

    I'm in Eastern TimeZone -5 gmt. I would like to talk with this small team of about 3 people via Facebook/Skype so we can collaborate. I can work 5 days a week. I've been working alone trying to come up with a project that one man can muscle but it's just hours creating really cool designs that would take a few more people. Ergo I already work on game design hours a week. My budget to spread across all of the team would be $150-$200 a month USD.

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  • I've sent you a reply.

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