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  • Hey everyone. We are two people working on a game and looking for someone who can work on:

    -3 basic hero sprites including movement, basic attacks, casting animations, skill effects.

    -6 different slime monsters including their movement, death, and attack animations.

    -Environment pieces including walls, floors, various decals, and props.

    You are someone who:

    -Has an art portfolio.

    -Has strong traditional skills and color theory.

    -Is capable of both 'pleasant' and 'visceral' art.

    -Preferably has worked on projects before.

    -Is mentally prepared for the task.

    This is a sample of our current work: i.imgur.com/8QP63qj.png (Knight is built 32x32 as a base.)

    We're looking for quality of the top left knight, with a more serious tone found in the middle knight (note the slightly top down view from the knight on the mid-right. Those are our little slime monsters as of now and you can see one of our test environments as well.

    Bonus points if you enjoy retro, competitive, and/or challenging games. You will be expected to communicate over Skype (text and voice) for brainstorming sessions. There is approximately 3 weeks of work, (I'm not entirely sure how long it will take for the sprite art, but that's about our timeline for the current set of features of our current milestone.) but you're welcome for as long as you want. This is not paid work. We're not being paid either, but then again that's why we're doing this...

    If you're interested in discussing more details, e-mail me at [myusername]@gmail.com. Thank you for your time!

  • You aren't exactly offering much incentive for your requirements.

    Idea on what platforms you are looking at? Resolutions?

    And to be frank, looking at your current artwork, you cannot expect an artist to do work, at that skill level with no clear incentives.

    Just some more information would really clear it up guys,


  • "Beggars can't be choosers."

    Have you tried looking at this job for the artist point of view?

    Whats in it for the artist?

  • In non-contractual, non-paid partnerships, it is considered common courtesy to show your own portfolio and capabilities before asking someone else to show theirs.

    It may also help to trigger interest to join you.

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  • In non-contractual, non-paid partnerships, it is considered common courtesy to show your own portfolio and capabilities before asking someone else to show theirs.

    It may also help to trigger interest to join you.

    +1 to this :P

  • Thanks for your replies. I'll shed some light on the project. First, my own work. You can see my game design work here. Some is professional and some is just indie-esq stuff:


    and my illustration work here:


    We built our engine from scratch. Below is some screen shots of our work so far giving you a rough idea of what the game may look like:

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/rvvvm6q.jpg" border="0" />

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/3wrZIle.jpg" border="0" />

    Our short term goal is to develop the gameplay we have in mind and generate a 5-10 minute video explaining who we are and what our goals are to a few gaming communities. We want to create a cooperative, class based RPG and plan to add content to over time.

    Unfortunately, none of us are getting paid currently, but like I said this is (part of) why we're doing this. We're building with this our own time and energy. Understand that the first $1,000 dollars will cover costs of a Limited Liability Company (or LLC) to setup legal protection. After that we can talk about payment within the realm that makes sense. We will make up contracts once the first dollar comes in.

    The point of our first milestone is to identify some of the core gameplay we're aiming for, see what kind of community appeal develops, and assess where we are as a team (as well as any personal concerns a member may have). This is why we're outlining a specific gold, assets, and if we can, a timeline as well. Getting this 3rd person would complete the core team:

    My partner, programming and networking

    Myself, designer, PR, producer (legal)

    You, the artist

    We've been through those projects before and we're just tired of all the silliness that typically comes: lack of communication, people flaking, other shenanigans. We've taken a few serious steps and are looking for one more individual.

    We prefer someone with some group project experience, even if the project was an utter failure. Failures often teach us the most.

  • sorry to reopen the post again, but .... hmmmmhmmm how it went with the game? found any place to publish it? or just released it to WWW?

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