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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • Marie from IndieGameDesigner.com here.

    Our game asset store is growing in popularity every day but we want to widen our reach and make Construct a bigger part of it and need an expert to join our team.

    We are looking to team up with the most talented Construct coder our there to sell Construct game templates on our game assets store as soon as possible.

    You get to keep 100% of the sales, that's right, no commission from us. But you have to be good, productive, offer customer support in the IGD forums and keep your templates on IGD.com.

    If you are interested and have the skills, get in touch to discuss the details: mailfht@indiegamedesigner.com

    A link to previous games or templates is a must.

  • This isn't GameSalad <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Did I mention Gamesalad....reading my post again....nope, didn't think so!

    If anyone is serious about joining our team, please get in touch. We get enquiries about Construct templates all the time and need someone with the skills to fulfil the demand.

    This is a serious project with lots of potential, I'd be happy to answer any questions via email/Skype instant messenger if anyone is interested.

  • What's customer support?

    Does templates author need to make whole game for customs?

  • Thanks to everyone who got in touch! We've found someone to build the templates for our store we are no longer looking for someone.

    We are sticking with just one Construct developer just now, I'll post again in the future if we make IndieGameDesigner.com and open store for everyone to sell on.

  • What's customer support?

    Does templates author need to make whole game for customs?

    Customer support just meant helping people out who have already bought a template - just thought I'd post to clarify!

  • I had released Bejeweled demo , and other similar matched games demo (1) , (2) with these sources (for free, of course.) But the documents are lack.

    That's why I would like to know the limitation of custom supporting, for paid custom or a free templates.

  • Why not share the templates with the community as an open and free resource for education and learning. The scirra forum is known to be one of the best and most helpful community on the web for beginners and experts alike free of charge, that is why is such a special place. When this sort of thing started happening in the Gamesalad forums, the community quickly became a marketplace and quickly went downhill with spam and members not wanting to share their creations with the community for fear their work will be stolen and sold on marketplace sites.

    Although is great to have a fansite encouraging the use of C2, wouldn't it be great to have these resources free to learn as well?...

  • Animate I agree. I was a active member over at GS before this template business started. It was like Construct are now. Helpful and a community filled with people who want to create great games. Look at what GS has become; a community filled with template-sellers and template-publishers. I really hope that wont happen to Construct.

  • Well nobody is saying stop helping people figure out how to do stuff.

    Asking for a complete game you can modify, and make money off of?

    Yeah good luck with that.

  • Animate & dhondon Why is it bad to sell a template to the occasional someone who wants to buy one but OK for 500 people to download free game assets from my site per day and not leave a simple 'Thank you.' in the comments....yeah, I'm the bad one though.

    You have to give to get.

    I've given a lot, so have many others but at the fist hint of offering to put out premium content that takes a lot of time/effort to produce and asking for a few dollars to show some appreciation people think that the world is ending and the capitalists are taking over the forums.

    #49 free game assets are on our site, #5 free tutorials and we've spent hours on Skype helping people for free.

    I've even given away all of our store content to several schools across the UK/USA for free to help with the kids education.

    I did mention that people selling their templates on my site makes no profit for me right? Sellers get to keep 100% sales price...

    I really am hear to encourage indie game making, especially for kids but tarring me with the same brush as other people from a totally different forum is just plain ignorant and disrespectful.

    So would either of you care to elaborate on how you do more for the community? How about posting a free game asset on our store? Making templates that I will host for free if you don't want to sell them?

    You've both gotten my back up but if you can respond constructively I will listen intently, I really am hear to contribute.

  • I don't think they're trying to make you out to be a bad guy, I think they're simply concerned about the negative effect the selling of templates could have on the community (spamming and such).

  • You claim you don't get money out of the products sold on your store, and you already have lots of free assets and tutorials to download, then why make it a market place and not an open source project?

  • indiegamedesign, My comment was not meant to be an attack on your character or meant to be taken negatively, it was actually quite the opposite.I do not think Arima could have said it better, we are just concerned that it can have a negative effect on the community based on past experiences with a similar and passionate community.

    As an illustrator myself i understand the hard work and amount of hours that go into creating these assets, and i do thank you for sharing these with the community. I understand there are costs involved and you are running a business, but why not maintain those resources open while perhaps using ad revenue on your site to cover costs...i would certainly love to share a template with you if you decide to go in this direction.

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  • Arima We have not been nor do we plan to spam the forums but we will be selling game assets and game templates on IndieGameDesigner.com, if that ruffles a few feathers, and it has already, so be it. It'd be more constructive if people actually discussed what they want to see in a site that offers free and zero commission premium content that anyone can contribute to.....but it's easier to just bring up negative things others have done elsewhere, effectively implying that we will do the same.

    sved To be clear, I do make money from my game assets on the store. I'm offering a place that others can sell or release (for free or paid) their game assets & game templates. We do not take a commission.

    This is a far more ethical business model than other game asset stores and will generate plenty of free content/tutorials for beginners as well as premium content for those who are willing to create or purchase complex/valuable game assets & templates.

    Animate Add revenue would not even cover the monthly server costs, not to mention the time involved running the site. We have big ambitions for both free and premium content, some game assets/tutorials/templates are simply too valuable to give away for free and saying otherwise is just another example of the modern attitude towards creative/intellectual property 'If it's downloadable, it should be free!'

    If you are supportive or our project, comment on the free posts that you have downloaded/found useful, tell your game developer friends about our site, add us on Facebook & Twitter and buy a game asset/template if you want to (We're not forcing you to!). If you want to get involved, get in touch with a tutorial request or to discuss posting some of your own content on our site for the game developer community to make use of.

    If you are not supportive and are ready to tar us with the same brush as other game asset stores you have come in contact with and possibly had a negative experience with - please allow us a chance to prove ourselves first, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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