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  • indiegamedesign

    I just wanted to say a quick thanks for the great tutorials. I've only had a quick look at your site so far, but I found the one on seamless game tiles very interesting, and will definitely return for more info.

    Keep up the jolly nice work!

  • Arima We have not been nor do we plan to spam the forums but we will be selling game assets and game templates on IndieGameDesigner.com, if that ruffles a few feathers, and it has already, so be it. It'd be more constructive if people actually discussed what they want to see in a site that offers free and zero commission premium content that anyone can contribute to.....but it's easier to just bring up negative things others have done elsewhere, effectively implying that we will do the same.

    I wasn't implying that you specifically would spam the forums, and I don't think anyone else was either, I was referring to what animate said about the possible effects on the community it could have, potentially turning the helpful community into a marketplace, resulting in various users spamming the forum with their templates. Sorry that wasn't clear in my post.

    And I have to agree that it is a valid concern. We have one of the nicest communities around and it would be nice to keep it that way. Ignoring something that significantly affected another community is not a good idea. That's not to say it would play out the same way here - perhaps there's a better way of doing it - but it's a valid point for discussion.

  • <img src="http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111028190853/smurfs/images/f/fd/Smurf_Finance.gif" border="0" />

  • sved I don't get your image link. Something to do with money i'm guessing.

    On another note about the entire subject and not about the smurf. I appreciate IFG efforts to assist with marketing developer work right now. The only reason why the most of the community runs "open source" feel right now is because C2 isn't as popular. The technology is hindering adoption(another discussion). Due to that the community is smaller and selling to distributors/publishers aren't as fast. it's picking up right now, but we are still in the more free phase of HTML5 gaming. Once HTML5 gaming proves it self and is fully ready. The community will shift.

    Personally take advantage of the situation now and be on the ground floor rather than missed opportunities.

  • indiegamedesign - I've only just come across this thread, but thanks for the initiative. I see now that the opportunity is closed, but I'd be interested in looking into it if you ever want another C2 dev creating templates. I'm also interested to know how successful it becomes in future.

    p.s. Rex is one of the best and most prolific plugin creators on this forum. I currently use about 15-20 of his plugins so he would be an excellent template provider.

    Animate & dhondon - I understand how you guys feel, but something like this could provide a real boost to C2. If you take a look at Unity, their Asset store is an amazing little economy right there. Sure it costs money (not much) for the assets, but it saves people a ton of time looking for them or creating them from scratch (not possible in my case - I can't draw as well as artists).

    I've spent countless hours looking for good/appropriate sprites over the last year, but could never find any that were of decent quality and/or reasonable prices.

    I for one will be following this site, not just as a potential contributor, but as a consumer.

  • jayderyu

    It means he's smufing his smurfs so he can smurf when he smurfs.

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  • People in the community will never improve as no one will ever share his/her knowledge and ideas if everyone's just here to make a buck. It's like musicians trying to monetize on other musicians by selling sample instead of sharing musical knowledge/ideas with one another so they can monetize on their audiences.

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