Make a retro game. Gain 45$

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  • Hello. In a few weeks I will release new platform. I need some additional hands for that!

    If you could do a short, retro styled (early NES) game, based on a theme, this offer is for you!

    Fitting into the desired style is, oddly, more important than the game quality:


    Limited color palette.

    Famitracker made music (or any simple chiptune music). Obviously, no copyrighted music allowed.

    8*8 sprites (or multiplications of that, like 16*8).

    4 (sometimes 5) colors per sprite. Avoid shading the sprites.

    No special effects.

    Send me your portfolio to . I will send you a template .capx for game later.

    I pay 45$ per game. (Used to be 20$).

  • Hey vikuserro,

    I don't mean to be rude, but $20 per game? can't spend long on a game for $20...

    Would I as the dev, keep all my rights? or?

  • I think you are right. 30$ it is.

    Technically the games for this platform are meant to be only available on that platform.

  • how many games are you looking at getting on this platform?

    what exactly is this platform? Is there some kind of perk more then cash?

    With construct 2, I can make a game in 1 hour... or even 30 minutes... but to make anything that's worth playing, it would take at least a week... (Even then, it would be a shallow game...)

  • One hundred+. There will be 12 games done by December.

    The platform will be ready to be shown at 20 October, I will make a note here when ready .

    It has pretty meta and self aware vibe to it.

    I consider it an art.

  • hi, I just sent you an email

  • A few questions:

    -Are the games free on the platform or do you sell the games you buy?

    -If it's free, how do you make the money back?

    -If you run ads, how do you split the revenue between the developers?

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    • Technically, I do not sell these games.
    • It would spoil a lot to tell.
    • No ads. There will be a different model for that, in the future.

    Everything will be know by ~20 October. It is a completely new model.

  • looking forward to see it!

  • I'm curious what you get for 30$

  • to make it profitable, got to be a game done in less than an hour

  • to make it profitable, got to be a game done in less than an hour

    Yeah, I treat It more like voluntary work, with a little tip ^^. I had to split my very limited startup budget among several devs. Wish I could pay more.

    Still I am insanely thankful to anyone who decided to help. It will be worth it, I promise!

  • Yeah $30 is worth a couple of hours work at most, but on the other hand it is a pretty good offer for those who are saving up for a licence or something else. In my experience even a dollar can be tough to earn from a game, or maybe my games are just lame? life of an indie right? Good luck!

  • only 4 days to see the platform live! looking forward

  • Actually I postponed it to 1 November ^^. Need extra few days to polish it. - bookmark it and wait.

    I might post something between 20 and 1.

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