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  • > Controls: Z,X, left, right, up, down Tab and Enter (Return).


    I always cringe a little when I see this controls layout in games. I'm referring to the use of the Z key. In central europe the QWERTZ keyboard is being used. The main difference to your usual QWERTY layout is the switched positioning of the Y and Z keys. This makes it very awkward to play titles that use the Z key for QWERTZ users. Sure, you can change your keyboard layout in windows to fix this, but it's not very convenient.

    It's better to use X and C instead, because they're consistent for both those layouts.

    Just had to bring that up.

    Other than that I'm kinda intrigued to see what comes of this project. Good luck!

    Thank you so much ^^ It's a really simple fix. I will fix it tomorrow in all of the already uploaded titles ^^. I have a very strict "no-patch" policy, glad somebody brought that up so I can update it before announcing this project to the public.

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  • vikuserro I'll fix the controls in my game to CX. When I email you, I'll just give you a giant .zip file with all of my game's resources. Do we need to have the QR code reader capabilities in our games? Or will you add that in yourself?

  • TechnoBeaver

    I will add it myself ^^ I would rather just get the .capx.

  • And here it is, the topic:

    On this forums

    If you wan't to discuss the job itself, do it here ;p

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