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  • We're hiring C2 developers to clone old shockwave/flash games. We pay per game. $155 per game. We're hiring multiple developers and accepting any availability you have, but this could be a full time job for several months if you want to make it that.

    The art and audio is all prepared.

    What's good about this project is you're cloning games. So that means you won't have misunderstandings regarding interpreting specs, which is always a developers' worst nightmare.

    That said, we have many more games coming down the pipeline, many of which will be new original games. We are also open to ideas for games. So you could come up with an idea and we'll do your game. These games are educational games for kids under 10 years old. So your ideas will have to be targeted towards them.

    We have built a custom project management application just for HTML 5 C2 Game Production. You can signup and join us here:


    From there, go to the Available Game section, and choose a game by clicking ACCEPT. Only pick one game at a time. Please read the entire "Development Guide" in the left column before starting. It explains how to use our project management system and how we would like the games made in C2.

    It should be a dream to work on this project compared to other client work, since everything is so well prepared. If you need anything, email me at jamessgr@faceyspacey.com.

    James Gillmore



    ps. before starting the development games, make sure to study our Development Guide and C2 Cookbook:


    You can download them as PDFs from that page as well as view in your web browser.

  • This seems like a good paid work for anyone.

    Surprised to see nobody is taking it.

    If I had more time on my hands I would..

  • How closely are you cloning the games? It seems unethical to take someone else's hard work and rebrand it as your own. Why not pay devs to come up with something original or pay them for usage rights?

  • We've been hired to clone games for a company so they can have HTML5 versions ;) for themselves, and so they're ready for the future, tablets, etc.

    To see what we're up to, here's the login page of our custom-built project management system that we built solely for the project of hundreds of HTML5 games:


    on that page are links to games that need to be cloned/remade, as well as links to some clones already done by other C2 developers. That way you can get an idea of what we're up to.

    Rory, you down? JChamplain?

    email me: jamesiji@faceyspacey.com

  • I've just sent you an email.

    PS : I forgot to mention it but I have a Personnal C2 license.

  • My biggest flaw is the asset creation. Since art and music are all done, this should be a cinch for me. I'll be emailing you for details!

  • Nice. Good opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side!

  • Thanks for the response guys. We're getting more and more C2 work too. This really is a great opportunity for the C2 community since most paying gigs I've seen in Help Wanted aren't really paying and don't have the assets already prepared like we do.

    We also have a custom project management system we built just for the purpose of churning out hundreds of games. We have our own tablet platform that will extend from it where all the games will be features, and we're getting clearance for more and more games.

    Please tell your C2 developer friends about this opportunity. We're hiring all skill levels. And if you're really good you can take on more of a management and training role.

  • ps. i know the homepage of our project management system (http://www.c2linkit.com) only shows a few available games. We have a lot more yet in the system. When these get done, we're going to make a bunch more available.

  • anyone else interested?

  • How much are you paying per game?

  • $150 per game. Check the games out here: http://www.c2linkit.com

  • Note that there seem to be many games that are in the same series, so making the first one gets you 90/95% of the way to producing the next one, also at the same price. So you can improve your income by committing to making a series of games, and after the initial work, you can quickly pump out the rest of the series.

  • you are only paying for flash remakes?

    i am currently updating a 1992 dos-game, which should kick the asses of oldscool freaks up ^^

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  • I've made 4-5 games using construct 2 and interest in doing it, just sent you an email.

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