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  • K, could you consider adding people to mailing list letting us know when events like this happen. Also if you haven't deadlines so you can reassign projects that failed to complete. Thanks.

    Edit: Are you Jacques? Emails when they release would these would be good. Also maybe a restriction (You can only accept one project every 5 hours, have a max of 3 projects at once), so that more people get a chance. Thanks Again

  • Hey Draspur, I'm Jacques' partner, James. ...Yea, we'll email everyone through our google group and to all members of the site when we get the large batch of new games. When we add 1 or 2 new ones, we usually don't tell anyone and whoever notices it gets it.

    Have you studies our Development Guide and C2 Cookbooks yet?

    You can read and even download PDFs of them here:


  • Still looking for folk?

  • Your previous link gives a 404 error stating that there's no such file.

  • thanks. the link is fixed.

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  • Hey-- i'm in if it is still going on. Just signed up && am downloading pdf's now. Thanks && kind regards, mark-p.

  • Why No More Games ?!

  • w'eve had to give more games to the developers that come first. Add games to the game ideas section. We're doing a batch of our own games for our own tablet platform soon, rather than just for our clients.

  • Any idea when you will get more available games?

  • Update:

    We are currently busy with the art and sounds of more than another +100 games.

    I will post another comment here in about a week, this is when these games will be made available.

    Some notes before you accept a game:

    We have deadlines on these games, please don't accept a game, if you don't have the skills or the time to finish it in a week or 2.

    As all programming projects, there will be bugs in the games, please make sure that you fix these in a timely manor.

    Most of these games, are quite big, which will require you have our own C2 license.

    We did have a few hiccups with the first batch, regarding specs. But that won't be the case with the new games.

    Please register here:


    And check back in a week or 2 ;)

    In the meantime, please go read some of our C2 tips here:



    Jacques Leemans

  • Nice.

    I'll see if I can free up some time later this month and might wanna try this :)

  • Is this still a thing? I'd love to do some work like this.

  • Having spent a bit of time on the site, it would seem that all work has stopped.

  • Has all work stopped ?? -- i am still glad to take on some of these projects.

  • The site's still up, and people can still sign up.

    I know that since the mentoring system they had in place is still assigning people "Big Brothers", and I keep getting notifications.

    However, due to some really bad luck the project has been cancelled, and at this point no one seems to be doing anything for this part of Linkit.

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