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  • Hi, i am looking for a sound composer for my android games .

    My budget is around 500€ for 3 song at least, i know it's not a lot but if you are interested thanks to answer here.

    Song would be around 2:30 and #Orchestra .

    You can contact me on ferrerejeansebastien[at]yahoo.fr or here of course .

    I live in france, bordeaux .

  • I am very much interested of working with you! I will send you an e-mail within an hour.

  • I received 3 mails , did you already sent me yours ?

    I just accepted a first song from IAN Arber , keep sending me your portfolio others this way i can still try study other apply.

  • Yup I did. Markus Lappalainen was the name.

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  • OK , i have received more than expected , around 20 apply for this job, first i would like to say thanks to the community.

    I Have Already accepted two Music composer for this month , but i keep all apply as i will maybe need some others composer next month. So for those i've not contacted yet , i see you and will contact you next month if needed .

  • My name is Stephen and I came across your post about wanting composer.I know you said you had all you needed for this month but I would love to work with you in the future.I have many years of experience playing music and writing songs.I have studied recording technology for many years as well.I will attach some of my music files as well as links to them on soundcloud. I hope to make some awesome music for you!



  • Ok i'm offically working with Ian Barber, he does a really good job !

    He has already been paid and we continue to develop our team . So i'll contact some mail i did receive next month .

    Thanks you all.

  • Hi Christian,

    Please add me to your potential composers' list?

    Will upload something to Soundcloud and let you know the link, cheers for now


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