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  • Hi,

    I've heard that it is posible to connect a c3 project with Twitch chat using websockets. I know nothing about websockets so I can't do it myself, therefore what I need is simple:

    I need a c3 project that reads every Twitch chat input and sends that info to a function. I will take it from here so that the function reads the info given and understand which viewer said what.

    Thank you.


  • Hi,

    I think I can help you, have you an email for contact you?.

    Kind Regards

    Tomkart Games

  • If you do like this, you will achieve what you want.


  • Well, thank you very much, Eren, this finally looks like the right way to go, but something is not working yet. Since I'm not used to work with logs, I used a text object:

    As far as I know, this should change the text of the text object every time any user writes in my chat, yet all I got all the time, not changing, is the following:


    :tmi.twitch.tv USERSTATE #justvoiceandgames"

    I've tried my nick with it's caps and with all lower case, it's just the same.

    Do I have to be steraming for this to work? Any idea about what am I doing wrong?

    Edit: After some time, I guess about 5 minutes, text changes to:

    "PING :tmi.twitch.tv"

  • If you enter your own information as seen in the picture, it should work without any problems.

    You can take oauth token from this site


    example c3p


  • I forgot to write "#" before my channel, now I succesfully connect and get the full message with "Welcome, GLHF!", "You are in a maze of twisky passages, all alike.", etc. , but still the text object doesn't change when I write in the chat.


    Done, thank you very much!

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  • Hi,

    I think I can help you, have you an email for contact you?.

    Kind Regards

    Tomkart Games

    Thank you very much for your offer, but Eren helped me already, so it's done :) .

  • Eren

    Is it normal for it to eventually lose the connection? I think it may be happening when the app runs unfocused. Am I doing anything wrongly? I need an app to be constatnly connected to Twitch chat even when the user is playing another game, is this posible?

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