How do I integrate Twitch in Construct 3?

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  • Hello, Im trying to develop Construct 3 game with twitch integration. so far I have managed to Connect my game with WebSocket plugin with WebSocket->ConnectTo->"wss://" and on "On Connection Open"->Browser.Log("Connected"). But Im not sure how to proceed from there. I found this image "" and its kind of outdated. Im not sure what I need to input for PASS USER NICK JOIN. I have created Twitch Application with dashboard. I have cliend_Id and secret.

    When I preview my construct 3 game in console it says Connected and "actions.js:5 NOTICE * :Login authentication failed".

    Can anybody help with this one?

    Thank you in advance.


  • I tried it that way it worked

    Do not forget to write your username and OAuth token

    see here for document

  • Thank you for this reply, Im just confused about oauth token, is that my client_id or? Where can I get that token if that's not my client_id from dashboard?

  • You can take oauth token from this site

  • If I could I would buy you a beer keg 50L right now. It works, thank you for your quick response. Much appreciated!!!

  • One more thing Eren, how do you parse through that PRIVMSG. I wanna create sprite object for each player and show only latest text message that they posted above their sprite. I did manage to put them in dictionary but im not sure how to get only name and message. Is this done with tokkenAt?

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  • yes you have to do it with tokenat.

    example pulls this nick and text

    you need to arrange according to your requirement

  • The message part did not work for me so I did this and now its showing nick and message correctly. Thank you for that snippet.

    Shorter -> tokenat(WebSocket.MessageText,1,"#"&nick)

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