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  • Hi,

    I am looking for a talented game artist for my casual games. I don't have a lot of money, but I am willing to pay on a per project basis (no revenue share or such, I pay real cash).

    Deadlines (set by you) are extremly important.

    For all the projects I can give you a working model with dummy images and a complete list of graphics I need.

    Please send me some of your earlier works and a price range indication for that work - so I can have an idea about your talent and price.

    I am talking about 2-3 games / month.

    thank you

  • What is your budget ?

    PM me

  • pm me your budget to and I will be willing to work for a little less upfront if you give me a share

  • As everyone is asking about the budget, here's a public answer to that question.

    A project's budget greatly depends on the amount of designs and on the quality of the artwork - I guess we all agree on that. How could I tell any figures without seeing your artwork and without you knowing the amount of work? If I say $5000 makes you feel happy without knowing the requested amount of designs? It's like asking how much a dinner costs - it depends.

    That's why I asked for previous works and a price indication - so we can quickly check that if we are in the same range.

    Again, if you are interested, please send some previous works - just a link is enough, and please indicate for how much would you do a similar project. This would really speed up the process rather than arguing on something what we both have no info on.

    Thank you

  • Pm sent.

  • hmm, I don't have enough posts to send a pm :/ otherwise I would be very interested. maybe when i'm able to send a PM ill hit you up lol

  • phraktol please write to mordskerlssv@gmail.com

    Thank you

  • ok I sent you a link with some of my art hope I can help

  • people arnt asking what they will get, they want to know if you have a budget worth working for and that your actually willing to pay

  • I can't give you exact values as every project is different. Typically we are talking about 3 digit figures / project.

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  • sounds good

  • Are you looking for any specific type of artist, for example... A Pixel Artist or A Vector Artist?

    This would probably be really good information to include =]

  • A vector artist preferably. (But I have no real restrictions.)

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