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  • Hi, first of all, I beg your pardon for my english, French is my first language so don't be alarmed if you point out some grammar mistakes... Second, got an idea 'bout making a game... obviously has anyone who's reading this... When I'm trying to make my own game and look at tutorials and other people doings I realize how most of you are far ahead of me in terms of skill and knowledge... But due to my job and my low consumption rate, i got loose money to spend but no time so there it is...

    First of many possibles contracts (function of price/quality/time/etc) how much would someone charge me for this:

    -Main menu; Start and Edit

    -First layout (on start); Platformer, small level with character, ground, wall, platform : animated run, jump, fall, attack, being hit

    -Second layout (on edit); -16 64/64 pixels paint-like editable and saveable square canvas that would stand for the 16 animation frame of character running; and then jump, and the fall, and then fall, and then... so on

    -First and second layout BACK function to Main Menu

    So, long story short; basic 1lvl platformer with in-game pixel-based-editeable animated main character

    So if you believe that you got the skills to do that, tell me your estimated price and we'll discuss the payment procedure.

    Once done, I'll do the same over again with the next step of this game idea

  • Ok so just to make sure I understand.

    You want to make a character where you can animate the player character.

    You want the hero to be 16 Frames which is the total of Run/Jump/fall/attack/hit

    I'm not that good an artist for an environment, but if it's a simple environment it's not a problem.

    I can do this. I would say about 500, but I would make sure the quality and documentation is good.

  • It depends totally in the rate you want quality/time.

    Both of them would be quite expensive, one of them would be right, and none of them would be very cheap, but, very trial.

    If you send some sketches of what you want (the description sound confused, since I've too English as not my mother's language) that could be discussed.

  • For this question to answer you should provide more information. If I'd looking for a job, I'd ask myself first if you provide all graphics?

    But I think you need a lot of luck to find the right person. There are a lot of C2 devs here, who have no clue about "real" programming and just make projects work "somehow". And there are masterminds who have an excellent programming style. And first one maybe even charges more than the other. It really depends on the dev. I think if you're really willing to pay someone, let the devs write you and make a little "interview". Let them program a small example capx and ask them how much they want to earn. And then pick wisely.

  • Allright, was wondering if anyone would reply... so to be more specific....

    -This contract is not for fully functionnal game, only a little part involving a functionnal platform character, lets forget the being hit animation, lets just say stand, run, jump, fall

    -Graphics are meant to be minimal, just enough to support ur programming, blank menu background, plain grey start and edit buttons, playable lvl blank, solid different color to distinguish them from background, character can be anything just to verify if the animations are working, not meant to be published, different color block, mario, megaman or any drawn crap that looks like something... or not

    -----lets say the platformer template built-in construct, but with an anything look alike ''animated'' character stand, run, jump , fall, mirrored for direction

    -The tricky part is the edit layout which is really what i'm paying for, for example, if u used a mario sprite (or still anything) You start the game, u have start-edit button, start go to plain lvl where the character can fool around,pointlessly, back to menu you press edit button, you go to edit layout where u can edit each frame of your mario-like-anything-character, each of your mario-frames are there in 64x64 square where u can change each square for a different color or tranparent, 4 rows -stand-run-jump-fall. You edit what u want, save, go back to menu, press start and play around pointlessly with your brand new mario-like-less character. You quit the game, start it over, press start and retreive ur custom pointless mario-like-less character.

    I'm aware that someone may do a crappy job on this, I'll pay him-her for it anyway, I would submit this post again with his crappy work attached to the post as a not-to-do example or a platform to build on and perfect, but would not hire him-her again for subsequent contracts. Later contracts will time to time be to clear-organise-clarify-standardise-optimise the code. Hope it helps clarify my earlier post

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  • emixam23

    I understood your request. It's a very minimal game. The hardpart is the Drawn to Life aspects of your own character. Not just drawing the character which requires a simple but yet useful set of painting tools. But the game needs to save the data.

    16 Frames at 64x64.

    I can do the job and maintain my price. If you wanted a full game engine I would be charging more. $500 for going outside the boundries of the normal C2 toolset isn't that much.

  • Oh, and please don't consider this as a full time job, this is meant to be the first of many possible little contracts around the same game project ongoing as long as cost do not exceed reasonnable amounts. I'm thrusting people to ask fees relative to the time they're spending programming times their estimated hourly worth in terms of knowledge and efficiency. For exemple; if you're asking 500$ and consider yourself as beginner, full of will but low on skill, and expect at least minimum wage of 10$/hr, you're estimating that it would take you 50hrs to fullfill this contract... on the other hand, if ur pro and consider your time worth 50$/hr, your estimating you're able to do that in 10hrs or so... Consider this contract as a spare time paid challenge for your skills, if your looking at what is asked and don't even know where to begin, please, don't bother yourself and keep using construct for your own satisfaction.

  • Sorry jayderyu, just saw ur new post, so 500$ submission for this contract... not cheap nor insanely expensive... worth considering, but its expensive enough for me to wait a little bit to see if there's better submission from other, as u said it's very minimal game cuz its meant to be the first step of a walk... For every 500$ step, I have to consider the whole walk (step=contract; walk=game ) So tks for the offer and taking the time to reply, I'll consider and give u news soon

  • I sent you a PM.

  • emixam23

    take your time and looks for others as needed to your wallet. In the end for your current request. Your not really paying for the platforming or start menu's. That can whiped up in 10 minutes. However what you are paying for is the

    in game sprite editing

    persistent storage of new sprite

    new animation handler as the C2 animator won't work

    drawing tools

    But here is a C2 project. We are looking at funding options. So at this time I myself am not looking for long term contractual obligations.

  • Thanks THETRUE, sorry I can't reply you in private, seems I don't enough reputation to do so (spam protection), but yeah, you got the lowest and affordable submission, mmm I didn't consider I would receive answer so fast... Haven't tought about a submission deadline date to end submission process to pick up the lowest and thrustworthy submission... probably on Sunday 16th of March at 1PM eastern time... but yes until now you're ahead in the attribution of this contract, thanks for replying

  • I think I misunderstood the complexity of this job. Never mind my offer/PM. Good luck anyway though. $500 from jayderu sounds like a good deal, and sorry.

  • Just a hint: Maybe you provide a mail adress

  • Tks for replying both, specialy THETRUE for being TRUE, very appreciated, very, maybe on later easier contracts, so JAYDERU back as the sole submissionner for this contract. Still waiting up to sunday for other submissions then i'll ask again to JAYDERU if he's still interested... P.S. Thx for mail idea, but up to real contract transactions, i prefer this forum both for joined information and precision as you helped me to do, and for competitive and transparency of the submission process... Hope to have news from you and others, very gratifying participation...

  • emixam23

    Well if no one else has replied I am still open.

    I'm still going at $500, i understand your hesitation at the price range. I will however add some context to the request and why in my opinion the $500 is low. C2 provides a lot of fast development elements, platform, interaction. However C2 doesn't let drawing any form of editing to any of the Image CTX. This requires other round about ways. So because this there is no way to use the Sprite Object which has animation control. Instead a SpriteSheet is needed with offset drawing. This is going to require making animator math and letting dt animation speeds.

    In my opinion the hard part should be more than $500. However once the editor is in place the rest of the platformer aspects of the game will be super simple. So it's good you want the hard part done first.

    Worst case situation a custom plugin will need to be written taking a few days to make, work, polish up and integrate into C2. Best case scenario some hacky stuff can be done with current plugins.

    I'm still a go if you are though. And as a piece of info I already managed a full spectrum colour wheel, greyshade pick on the border and drawing on the screen... however the screen drawing needs work to be clean. it's got some wonky blending that's not wanted along with that the drawing is offset to the scale . but that can be fixed.

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