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  • jayderyu: I think it could be easily done with canvas plugin.

  • emixam23

    Toi j't'aime bien, tu payes à l'heure, c'est honnête. J'espère juste que tu tomberas pas sur des blaireaux. Si j'étais pas déjà embauché quelque part à plein temps (40h/s), j'aurais volontiers accepté =)

    Au pire si t'as des doutes sur la qualité et/ou le niveau de ce qu'on t'envoie, tu peux toujours me d'mander.

  • Badgers?

    We don't need no stinking badgers.

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  • newt exactly

  • What about pretty floral badgers?

  • Looking at it, shouldn't be that hard, just take the basic C2 platformer example, set the player's opacity to 0, and stick a Canvas to the player (Rojo's Canvas plugin), then you can edit each pixel of the player. For animations , you just paste the player's sprite on the canvas (I guess not something ez to do for a newbie), more on hiring, hire people that are active helpers on the community, you can look at their post history on their profile, forget about people only active on the help wanted jobs section

    I may make you an example if I have freetime (I kinda moved out from C2 to C\C++)

  • emixam23


    So is he looking for a way to make a drawn-to life system?

    I made a cruddy drawing mechanic a couple of months ago. I could edit it to be a fully customizable character if that's what your looking for. My system is also very well optimized so it does run on mobile browsers. My system also comes with a line tool and an eraser,marker and pen tool.

    Here's the link to a video I posted a long while back:

    -Link Removed-


    Those programming languages are easily transferable to unity as it has c#, Are you learning them to transfer to a new game engine? I enjoy using C2 and Unity but I don't have a group to work with for unity, so I currently use C2 to playtest.

  • retrodude

    I actually learned Java/C# before transferring to C, I think C is better for me and for the world, it's (kinda) high-level and really complex while being concise and high performance-y, so yeah, not interested in Unity, but could always whip some projects if you want us to do some teamwork

  • Whiteclaws

    I appreciate the offer, maybe in the future

    In terms of performance, C would probably be one of the best choices, but currently I'm trying to adapt to html5 specifically so javascript or an engine will make do for now. I just assumed you were planning to learn a new language to create games outside of C2 since your active on the C2 forums (I think), but of course there are many things you can do with programming in general

  • emixam23


    Sounds like retrodude already has a good start on the drawing elements. I've been busy since my last post and just patiently waiting on any further replies. however since retro has already established a full fledged drawing element he could shave some time off.

    I left off with the full gradient colour wheel and figured I'd wait and see.

  • retrodude

    Your video is AWESOME! That's such a cool and creative customization system. Nice job!

  • Jase00

    Thanks mate

  • emixam23 send me a PM, maybe i can help you, I will show you some games that I made in construct 2 (platformers).

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