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  • Hi,

    We are making an online multiplayer game. We have hit a pretty big wall and need help.

    We want to set up a multiplayer server, and need help with the developing of the game as well. Also, user registration and login systems.

    PM me with examples of your work/ experience, and rates.


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  • There are pretty good examples from Ashley himself in the Tutorial section when it comes to the basics of Multiplayer.

    Please note that C2 offers -Signalling Server- only, so setting up a dedicated server does not work out of the box.

    But i think it would actually be possible to create an actual HOST Game, which you could run on a dedicated server. So that one would be able to handle registrations/logins.

    The Signalling Server is only here for the initial Connection and then connects all players with each other.

    So with the basic setup from the Tutorial example... The first player to connect will become the HOST while all other players following will become Peers.

    So you need to understand that ones the players have been connected, the Signalling Server its job is done.

    Scirra also sells the Signalling Server in the Store, so you can run your own signalling server rather than using the official Scirra one.

    To ensure that players are not able to cheat that easily, it is very important that:

    • PEERS only send Keyboard/Mouse/Controller INPUT to the host
    • HOST handles the entire Logic and Actions of all Peers.

    -- Host then sends the data to the Peers to tell them what they have actually done.

    If you let the PEERS handling logic as well, the problem will be that its possible for players to cheat by sending whatever information they want to the HOST. Like "I have 100%HP" or "I just Shot 1000 times in 1 second"

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