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  • Hello

    I'm currently working on a choose your own adventure type game. I have an hours worth of animation ready and I need someone to help me piece it together.

    Here's how it basically works: videos play and present the player with choices. Sometimes the player will come across interactive areas. The character walks from left to right, can interact with things, pick things up, and I'll specify how little things need to work. The main thing is calling videos when needed, keeping track of player choices, and some mechanics I have in mind.

    I could do the entire thing myself. In fact I've done around 80% of it already, but it's cumbersome and I want a good framework to work with for the sequel.

    I do not want you to make the entire game. I need a single layout with all the mechanics required and then I will build the entire thing based off of that. I am also handling the animation, audio, asset creation etc. All I need is someone who can program the mechanics nicely, in a way that can be easily extended to other scenes / layouts.

    I've paid Steam, the product page is ready and I want to try and get it up toward the end of this year. PC is a definite, mobile would be great as well.

    15 years ago I made a video series that now has around ~45 million views today (though the bulk were from back then when it was new). The quality of this is MUCH higher and I expect that it'll sell fairly well.

    I have a full list of requirements of which I can share once an NDA is signed.

    Ideally I would pay $1,000 and revenue share, but it's up for discussion. Please PM me for details.


  • Willing to work with you.

    Can you please share your info for me can contact?

    Or you can reach me at my gmail: nguyenquocdong2009oci@gmail.com

    or my Skype: DongNguyen602

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  • Hi,

    I can help.

    You can reach me on Skype: cisin.arnold or Email: arnold.cis20@gmail.com so that we can discuss this further.


  • If this is still available, I would like to discuss things further. Please email me at richardtda@ramblingindie.games

  • Hi!

    15 years experience, professional and fast

    My own games: games.dragwa.pl

    Contact: Mateuszhzw@dragwa.pl

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