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  • Hi, iam looking for 2D Artist that would supply me with graphical assets for couple of smaller projects.

    Iam willing to pay if the price is reasonable, or we can split the share in form of royalty.

    ( e.g. you get 20% of whatever the game makes, OR you can get far more, until price we agreed on is fully paid, with some bonus to it for taking the risk - this is an possibility as well. )

    Iam looking mainly for cartoon style graphics, pixelated might be good as well.

    Approximate assets that are needed: Animal character/characters (dogs, fishes,) Platforms of grass and clay..

    Backgrounds - Farms, Oceans, and so on..

    Animations for characters, running, jumping etc.

    Its not an actual list of needed things, its just to give you an idea of what iam looking for, kid-friendly sort of sprites.

    Example: gyazo.com/365a9f443627c5e3655370589600757f

    Hiring for more than 1 project.

  • Hello !

    I'm a 18 years old graphic designer who's fairly interested in your offer.

    Here are some of my work, as you can see, the style is pretty diffrent as i try to adapt to what the game style (the link begin from the 'fcx'; just copy the url in your browser ;D - I had to remove the https because i can't post hypertext links yet.) :

    Invasion, a Shooter Game (WIP):


    Isometric Tileset :


    Character design (from sketch to the final character):





    If interested, PM me :3

  • You can visit my website to see my work and contact me from there if needed.


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  • Thank you all for your offers, i found an artist here :)

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