[Paid] Developer needed-20 mini & simple games to be develop

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  • Hi All

    I target to have 20 mini and simple games to be develop. i will provide all the graphic, sound effect bg music.

    Below are the requirement.

    1) 1 level game only

    2) Option to choice easy and hard

    3) Target to be play in tablet format for both IOS and Android

    4) Player have 3 lives

    5) Once collect 5 - 30 (bonus or coin or power up) then show "you win graphic"

    5) Games play duration less then 1 minute,

    6) End game will show "you win" or "you lose". then restart to mainpage

    7) I need C2 source files to be deliver and make sure it can be play in tablet without any bug

    Games play will like simply version of doodle jump, platformer, mortar melon, flappy bird etc.

    If you already developed games compatible with tablet please show me. If the game play is good then i don't mind to take just small part of it and you edit to my requirement above.

    If above 20 games works well, i will have more to develop.

    Please email me if you are interested and let me know your charges pergame. Also please send me your portfolio or past works.




  • Sent you an email.

  • Sent an email

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  • Hi all

    Thanks for the email. So far i reply all the email with some further questions. Who still interested can still sending me the email simonc2gamesffs@gmailcom as i am planning to develop more games. it is on going thing. i need few developer at least.

  • You can contact me aswell


    I have skills in multiplayer games using webrtc technology

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