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  • I'm not sure how many of us here use freelancer but I've posted a project to get a mockup of an 8 bit Nintendo style start screen made up. If anyone is interested you can see the project details here:

    8 bit style start screen mockup project

    It would be cool to get someone from the community to work with on this.

    Thank you,


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  • I'm just eating breakfast but I will reply to this fully shortly, there is a good bit of info I can pass on to you that may help you with this and also I don't use those freelance sites too much, it never works out in my favor and my email inbox gets filled with spam :( (based on my experience with a couple of them) I am sure they work for some people though =]



  • Ok here is my proper response to your post...

    Are you trying to get an authentic NES look?

    If so, here is some information that will help you out a lot, the screen resolution used on those old school games is set to 256 x 240 and uses 16 x 16 tiles. To top that off there is a 64 colour palette limit that you should use, to keep it looking authentic.

    I could be a little off with that information but I'm pretty sure it is quite accurate... Here, I grabbed a link that may help you a little.

    If you wanted to just emulate the look with an updated feel to it, of course you can increase the dimensions and colours some, as technology and hardware have come some way since those times, but ultimately the more you add the less of that NES feel you will get.

    Personally I am not as familiar with the more technical stuff related to that NES colour palette and visual restrictions, I just know what I have shared here, some people look this up extensively and may be able to offer more help than me but my reason for mentioning this stuff is to figure out what you're looking for exactly, and if it truly is that retro look. It may also help you with your freelancer post in what you need too...


    I cannot see your character image due to not having an account and I won't be registering just for that, sorry...

    If I am able, I may throw something together later under the resolution limit posted above if that is what you're looking for?

    Kind Regards


  • Here, I was taking a break from working on something and threw this together in about 15mins maybe 20 after altering some colours...

    I don't know if you will want to use it for not, and all I had to go off of was a sword, a shield and the game's name from your freelancer post, but you're free to use this if you want XD, if not I will still likely include this in my portfolio after a little cleanup, if you don't mind?

    as for an animated intro, you could likely get someone to animate the sword and shield slightly and give the text a highlight animation of sorts... You'll still need someone to come up with the background graphics and such though =]


    <img src="" border="0" />

    Actual size: with the rest of the screen based on the zelda 2 intro resolution: (exclude the lighter border)

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Zoomed in a little to see it a bit better:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    If you want to use it and the original file just send me a message and I will send you the original file, it's created in with two layers, once for the text and one for the shield and sword. It may need a little work but its my offering to you for free XD lol

    Kind Regards



    I've made the 'D' look more like a 'D' :P

  • Patriick I'm going to be sending you a PM shortly.

  • OK, no problem... I'll be around for at least another 3-4 hours maybe even longer =]

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