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  • My name is Johann. 31 years old. Born and raised in Puerto Rico.

    I own an AD in programming with basic knowladge in C. C++ etc.

    Tecnical Deegree in Audio Engineering with experience.

    And Graphic Art/Design knowledge and skills. along publishing undertanding.

    About to have a baby girl by september with no time to lose.

    -I have a day job that barely pays enough for bills and needs.

    -Hard worker with no time to be wasted.

    I am in need of an avarage construct 2 team since I'm on the works of a

    mobile game (first game design) with Construct 2.

    I been trying to get people involved in videogame design but they are not interested.

    I'm talking about people that loves videogames but apparently not interested

    in learning the process of videogame design.

    The reaction I get from people is that they see it as too much work, or something hard,

    or just don't have the time to get into it. Even intimidated after showing them a simple process.

    I'm feeling forced to continue on my own (wich I'm ok with since I'm determined) with my projects.

    It is hard for me to trust on people since I put so much effort into things though..

    Do you have any suggestion for me? I would love to know.

    Feel free to talk to me about anything work or construct2 related.

    Thanks for your time reading this.

    *Please let me know If this thread is off topic. Sorry. I just don't know who to go to.

  • Hey, Do you use skype? Add me, ID is Stevenallot. I'm a game developer looking for new contacts as my "team" deserted for same reasons you've listed above.. They all want to enjoy the fame and fortune but don't seem to want to put the work in to get there so I've basically wasted 8months trying to work with numerous people. I can put a game together easily enough BUT i'm not an artist, I can't make it look nice.. So I'm a bit stuck

  • I will add you in 2 days as soon as I move to our new home. All my equipment is in a box at the momment.Give me a couple of days.

  • Sure thing

  • Anybody else wants to add something?

  • Hi nvbenegra

    I think teams are a good thing, IF you find the right people - which is VERY hard (in my opinion).

    Everyone has their own lives, commitments and motivations. Very rarely will you find a team that wants to follow your dream (or share the same dream), unless they are paid etc.

    I've been working with Flash for a long time, and after its demise, I had a very long downtime trying to find an engine that would suit my needs.

    My partner and I have just had a baby (at Christmas) and like you I want to be efficient with my time. I honestly believe, that if you can (and have the right skills) to work on your own, you can be a little bit more sure about achieving your goal.

    • Maybe try focusing on some simple but fun games, with really basic yet clean art, and juice them to death. This will be very manageable for a one man team.
    • Build a website and put your games on there with advertisements.
    • Sell non-exclusive sponsorships.
    • Sell some templates etc. on the Scirra store.
    • Make simple games for commission (once you have a small portfolio).
    • Convert you games to apps and put them on the stores.
    • Make what you love and you will find your followers / fans.

    Just some ideas

    Hope this helps!

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  • Ninjadoodle

    Really appreciated. Blessings for you and your family.

  • Saludos,


    I send you a request via hangouts - google. I'm also from Puerto Rico.

  • hi i also find people for my team can u join

    my fb id https://m


  • I'm working on my own as well. It's a lot of work for one person, and takes much longer but I'm learning a lot. It's hard to keep a team together unless everyone has the same motivation. I would love to have have a team but usually you have to pay for it. Nobody likes working for free, and not many will work for a share of the revenues unless you have a really great idea and an awesome demo. It's hard to get funding from bank or investors unless you have a portfolio of released stuff that has proven to make a profit, or have the right connections. My suggestion would be to start small, or a project size you can handle, on weekends and evenings while having a full-time/part-time job to pay your bills. Eventually if you're lucky and working hard you might earn enough from your "hobby" to start hiring some staff.

  • hello, mate, would like to work with you, but new to construct2 & game design. Do you want a totally noob on the team? Well am willing to learn thou.

  • Thank you all for your replies. I've already find somebody to partner up.

    In 2 weeks we managed to pull this one together.


    Let us know what you think.

    Feel free to try it out.

  • Here's the game: https://www.scirra.com/arcade/multiplay ... layer-8671

    Made in two weeks.

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