I offer myself as the first part of a team :)

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  • Hello guys,

    My name is Guilherme and I live in Vila Velha, ES, Brazil. I spent most of my life and maturing understanding my knowledge and practicing skills to solidify myself in the 2D graphics, otherwise acquire some knowledge in games through various means, ranging from experiments themselves creating games with other tools similar to Construct2 (I'm talking about the year 2000 and earlier). Today I am formalizing all entering as partner and collaborator in a Brazilian company called Extinto Gamer.

    It took me enough to come write this forum. Well I'm here to ask for help even ehehe. But what kind of help? Well, like the Avengers (lol). Explaining, would assemble a team to collaborate with what is without lucrative reasons for now.

    The team would consist of employees like to join his "powers" with other employees in order to topple a project with quality and without much delay (projects who are always feasible).

    I already lapped this forum many times, and always saw a huge amount of very good ideas and especially with samples produced in great quality. But still do not know if everything I wrote here is something valid or vague, I'm not afraid to laugh at me: D. .. even my fear, is to continue giving blow on a knife's edge, because creating a game alone is much more difficult, slower, and less fun.

    I'll list my characteristics so feel free to open the topic with questions, suggestions, and of course, LOTS of willingness to create games :D

    Me: I work as a producer providing skills of creation, management and planning for game projects. My main skill is for creating 2D graphics, where I spent 12 years of my life accumulating knowledge with constant practical (My DeviantArt> http://gvbn10.deviantart.com/). Off the charts, I have a strong knowledge in logic to develop 2D games, especially without programming using programs like Construct2 (You can check out 2 games that I made the art and "programming" alone: Skygear-01 and The Esfarelante). I would also point out that I have 80% of my total time of the day, dedicated to creating games.

    Thanks to all at once. :)...

  • i add me as second, im from Bauru, SP, Brazil. Lets talk trough PM

    Porque estou escrevendo em ingles para vc? hehe abra�o

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  • Hey, Nice to meet a brazilian \o/ I sent you a PM.

    write english here just so other people can also know what we're talking about ;)

  • Hello Guilherme, I sent you a PM. We at CTS are very interested and would love to call you a permanent team member. We have various teams that could benefit from someone as flexible in your experience levels and skillsets.


  • Hi jeaux, I read your PM and sent you another one

    Thank you so much for your interest :)

  • PMed you!

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