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  • Hi,

    I'm currently working on a rather small project and I'm looking for someone who wants to join me.

    These are the positions I thought of:

    • graphic artist
    • sound/music designer
    • C2 developer

    And even if you feel like you are not the greatest artist/coder/whatever but want to improve yourself and you want contribute, just let me know. No one is born as a master!

    Here is a link to the game desciption and even a small playable demo is included. However these are not paid positions. I'm just looking for someone who wants to build this game for his own experience and of course for fun.

    Just let me know if you are interested.

    Have a nice day!

  • I love the game and it sounds like it's gonna get a lot better! Too bad I don't have enough time to help atm . Maybe later on if your still in development I can join aswell? Actually I could maybe help sometimes in case you have certain issues, like that lagg problem or stuff like this, I won't be able to fully get involved in like level design or fully developing a feature but maybe I can jump in when you are stuck with anything, let me know if that is the case.

  • Sure you can join in later on! Like i said there is no pressure at all atm. Thanks for offering your help! I'll definitely make use of it! Perhaps we can exchange Skype-data or stuff like that per PM!

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  • That looks positively awesome, too bad my skills aren't the greatest x.x

  • PixelPaintbrush

    np, just pm me, you can help for sure!

  • PixelPaintbrush

    np, just pm me, you can help for sure!

    sadly I can't, because no 500 rep..buuut What would you like me to try and do?

  • Hey if you're still looking for some music and a composer I'd love to get involved!

  • Hey if you're still looking for some music and a composer I'd love to get involved!

    Do you play chipmusics?

  • Do you play chipmusics?

    I can program chiptune music yes.

    Gougth I know you PM'd me but I can't reply as I am a new member ^^. If you could drop me an email at with some examples of some music I could draft up something similar and we can go from there!

  • Hi!

    (Hope, that you are still reading replies on this post)

    I am a fairly good developer in C2, and I would like to participate in your project.

    I am bad at drawing, but maybe can do some pixelart stuff, and I have GarageBand on my iPad and never use it, so that's how far my music career goes.

    Mail me: daem_on [at] icloud [dot] com

  • Gougth Hello. Are you still interested in C2 developer?

  • Hey, i would like to join your team;

    * Im a good C2 developer

    * I can create pixelart (with transparancy, im not a paint noob)

    * I live in Europe so idk how it's going to work out with timezones

    Add me on Skype: jespertenholder

  • Oh my gosh I love this game Do you still have any open positions?

    If you have any maybe it is something I can help with

    I am not at 500 rep yet so you can reach me on Skype: lonewolfe007

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