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  • hey guys. i'm Tripple and i have been programming for a while and just bought construct 2 i'm a beginner at game dev but not at programming and i know my way around c2 and some art programs(also bought a pad+pen for pc) so if any other beginners, teams, people who just want game dev friends or someone who wants to take a beginner into their team to make any type of game for whatever i'm in so please pm me, thanks.

  • Do you have any game ideas?

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  • yes i have many great ideas and for the most part the programming skills to complete them but not the art skills or motivation that a team may provide.

  • Hello Tripple. I'm working on a few projects solo that could be profit share, and overall i'm chatty and would love to meet someone to talk about dev with.

    I deal with both games and very practical applications, for mobile and web.

    You can contact me anytime on my alternate skype to get in touch ->ijustmadethisaccount2. I still need more reps for pm ability myself too

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