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  • Hello everyone! So I've been messing around with Construct 2 for a little over a year now and have been developing my skills quite a bit. Today I was sitting at my computer and thought of how cool it would be to actually make a complete game. (I've made little things but have never been able to actually do a complete one due to a lack of graphics skills.) This made me decide to finally look for a team.

    I think the best thing for me to do is to first post some links to different little thingys I've made.

    Sector 6

    This is a game an online friend and I were working on until he mysteriously disappeared :( This is the farthest I've gotten with anything since I actually had someone to work with that was doing graphics and audio (He was fantastic at everything it seemed)

    Quick, Click! 2.0

    This is the only one I sort of completed (It's pretty crappy however)

    Quick, Click!

    This is the original of Quick, Click 2.0 and I probably would have just worked on this one but I deleted the .capx thinking I wouldn't work on it again.

    Those are the only 'games' I've made that I think are worth showing to you guys, if you want to request I make anything else feel free to PM me or comment and I will probably do it. (With bad graphics of course)

    I am not looking for artists to pay for their work. This would be a partnership/team project where the profits after completion are divided up.

    My favorite types of games to make are platformers and I probably spend the most time messing around with those.

    If you want to know anything else I missed (I probably missed quite a bit) ask away.

  • Might help if you mentioned what kind of remuneration you're willing to provide / have thoughts about. :)

  • krish

    It all depends. If you were to do a complete project with me there would be 2 of us so I would say 50/50.

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  • So you're talking about post-sales 'profits' and not pay for work structure?

    I think if you can clearly mention whether you're hiring, or you want a partner, or something else.. It might appeal to the right people looking at the post.

  • krish

    Sorry about that, I can see the misunderstanding. Updated post

  • I would like to apply. I showed you some of my work earlier so, you know. I would like to apply.

  • How do you post a question like this? Is it a feature of the forums?

  • willcode4food

    Yes, go to a board and click the orange New Topic button

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