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  • Good evening, as the title says, I'm looking for someone to team up with me to realize one of the projects that I have in mind for a while: I have several ideas about game style, here are some examples of graphical assets that I have in my possession.





    Two main ideas: on the first screen, a multiplayer arena based on player versus player with interactions of other monsters and events. Otherwise, for the next 3 images, the idea of ​​a platform with a beautiful story and beautiful scenery in which several characters could evolve.

    In this group, I could take care of the graphics part of the game since I have skills including photoshop and video editing software (can be used for the realization of scenarios / teasers ...). Nevertheless, I am unable to deal with the programming part, which is why I am looking for a competent person in this field today.

    This collaboration would obviously not be paid, on one hand because I am a student and I do not have the means, and secondly because it is a group work and the fruits of the work would be shared once the project is completed.

    Having already the license Construct 3 active at my expense, you do not take big risk to come and try the adventure with me (if not a little time spent but can be worth it!): so I'm looking for someone serious with whom I could maintain a relationship of trust! Being French, I prefer French applications in priority for a communication concern (but I can very well work also with a programmer speaking English).

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact me at thomascollin1009lah@outlook.fr

    Thank you in advance for your reading and Happy Christmas and New Year to all ! :)

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