Looking for a programmer (C3) to work with!

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  • Hello there!

    I have recently join Construct and making my first game. However, I have a full-time job and really bad at maths so I don't have enough time to learn to code. ( I had spent 2 weeks trying to figure out inventory system and still can't understand it ) (╥_╥)

    I am looking for a programmer to team up with me to finish the game. (There is no deadline and its gonna be a free to pay rpg clicker game with some ads for mobile.) I won't be able to pay you a lot but hopefully, we will figure it out (*´ー`)

    At the moment I Mainly need help with making the inventory, Shop, and crafting system in the game.

    Inventory Layout

    The inventory Layout contains 3 categories page: Weapon, Materials, Dishes.

    Each Category have around 15-20 items.

    Items are drop after killing monsters in other layouts as a global variable. ( I will be doing it)

    The items in inventory preferably not be in order.

    There are descriptions and values(money) of each item when you touch it (mobile).

    Weapons can be equipped and increase the global variable "player attack damage".

    Shop Layout

    You can drag an item from the inventory to a sell slot and chose how many of it you want to sell.

    Crafting Layout

    You can Combine 2 or 3 materials into a new item and add to your inventory.

    I will provide all the assets.

    If you are interested please contact me at keiko71488gpo@gmail.com

    Thank you (^^*)

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  • Hello!

    You can get help here construct.net/en/forum/game-development/tools-and-resources-27/missconstruct-discord-135076

    or get help by supporting me on patreon construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/eleanors-patreon-the-best-142183

    Hi Eleanor,

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I don't have Discord =/ I know... still using Skype xD

    I have been offered to help by a few lovely people (Awesome community within 24 hours!)

    I think I should be good for now =)

    Thank you!!!

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