Eleanor's Patreon (the best construct 3 programmer in the world)

  • Hello my name is Eleanor Jacques-Morel

    Pixel Artist and the best Construct 3 programmer in the world! She/Her & Trans woman with Asperger's syndrome, Making 🍓Strawberry Punch 🍓

    I decided to open up my Patreon if you want to:

    • want to support me, Eleanor.
    • want to support my game, https://www.strawberrypunch.com.
    • want to support women and queer and marginalized game creators.
    • want to support the best of the best, crème de la crème!!
    • want to stick it to the sexists and transphobes and haters.
    • want personal help with construct 3 or pixelart.

    Here's my Patron link ! patreon.com/strawberrypunch

    Some of the tiers include exclusive tips and help with Construct 3 from the best Construct 3 programmer in the world, me!!!!!

    Happy Developing !!

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  • I started clicking around in your demo and soon myself unable to move downwards anymore. Not sure what that was.

  • Update !

    There are now variations in:

    - Boots

    - Suits

    - Armors

    - Hairs

    - Ornaments

    There are also now 2 Ornament slots to equip two at the time

    What this means is every variation gets every color possible. No compromises on colors for hair !!

    You also now have a variation of the suit that completely covers the skin of the arms and legs !

    Of course you can mix and match pieces for every set, you don't need to pick all of the pieces from set #1 for example!

    Get out there and be super cute little vampires !

  • Reminder: You don'T have to pledge all that much to get direct support in construct 3.

    You can find some of my projects here yoyoeleanor.itch.io

    My biggest strengths are multiplayer, optimizations and using events instead of behaviors!

    And you get to support someone awesome !! !

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  • 3D collision detection is IN !!!

    also mobile controls

    it dosen'T get stuck in the seams between blocks anymore !!

    see for yourself strawberrypunch.com

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