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  • Hey guys

    I am looking for members to join my team called Pixel Wizard Studio.

    I am a programmer though i'll admit i am not the best out there, I can program and i can find my way around things if i get stuck. I am experienced though, using GameMaker for over a year now (Not so much Construct as i am still learning) and had learned fairly quickly.

    I am looking for any artist's, composers, and another programmer or two so this team can get up and running. (if you're a programmer you need to be experienced with GM:S at most and maybe Construct 2)

    The members must have quite a bit of free time but it doesn't have to be too much such as everyday of the week, a minimum of 10-24 hours of free time a week (maybe even less, it depends) and definitely more if you can.

    The members need to be able to be contacted by some sorts of communication(Skype, email, etc)

    I would only like people who love making games, love sharing idea's and who are serious about this. Otherwise please don't bother

    About the studio:

    Pixel Wizard Studio was actually made by a friend and I, who wanted to start programming and looking into software development as a hobby and make our way up commercially, unfortunately my friend has been delaying me for months now and i cant wait any longer. I'm getting the hint he doesn't want to do it anymore, I also recently had an artist, but she too hasn't come back to me about it, so i am the only member and now looking to recruit.

    Right now i tend to aim towards the HTML5 market and Indie market (mobile decision is pending)

    The aim of this studio is to make games that are challenging and fun and enjoyable by users and gamers.

    I do hope to make this studio into a commercial studio if i have a good enough team with a good spirit and some really great idea's!

    Although if we don't go commercial then lets just make games for free! Kick up some projects that our soon-to-be fans will enjoy and be proud of it! Because we are doing something we love!

    Any body interested or have any questions? PM me, email me (), Skype me (MitchBrits15) and definitely let me know!

    Thank you

  • I'd be interested (as a programmer experienced with C2), but I have a few questions first:

    1) What are your actual long term goals? As in, what scale of game do you have in mind (quick pick up and play games, lore heavy rpg, etc.)?

    2) Do you have any past experience working with hobbyist teams?

    3) About how many members are you looking for to join your team?

    Thanks in advance!

  • do you need sound assets? music, sfx or ambient ?


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  • I maybe interested as well. I guess you can call me a programmer, but I can do a bit of everything(expect art and sound). If you are still looking for people let me know and we can talk more about it.

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