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  • We're a small digital team in the UK. We are looking for Construct 3 developer(s) to help us out with an urgent project for a children's charity we are helping.

    We have 4 games currently in development and need assistance from an experienced developer that is particularly good with the animating stage of the project. We have all gameplay functionality completed for all games and have game designs completed, we need game assets integrated and some animations set up.

    Games are educational games for 5-7 year olds, sound and all design assets will be provided.

    We will need these all finished within 10-14 days.

    We will require a game example or two to showcase your experience and expertise.

  • How are you hoping people to get in touch with you if it's urgent? And I find it strange that you completed all gameplay for all games but didn't work out how to set an animation not to say you are being false it's just strange you would need someone extra for that. Also you didn't mention is this paid?

  • I was hoping an expression of interest could be registered here, and we can email details across, or chat on Slack/Skype. I don't want to add email address to a public forum.

    We've already been in touch with another forum member and spoke about the games in detail, who is happy to help. But we have 4 games and a tight deadline, so if another member can help out then great.

    The reason we've completed gameplay is we have an in-house developer, who is primarily a software developer, not game developer, so managed to piece together the gameplay functionality in JS and using construct functions. The games work functionality-wise, but it's non visual at the moment and has no animations, that's what we need help with.

    Of course this work is paid, we're a UK registered company and will agree a cost and happy to pay deposit to start the work.

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  • You need to share some way of contacting you :)

  • I am busy with another client (at least until this Friday), but if I my help isn't required anymore I will be happy to help.

    You can check some of my projects on my website here:


    And here there is a small showreel with some of my projects:


    Thank you

  • I am available, you can get in touch with me via UpWork: upwork.com/freelancers/~010066b12f74979476

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/asadabdullah

    Thank you!

  • You need to share some way of contacting you :)

    Silly me, I didn't realise these forums didn't have a DM function. I sort've expected it to do so.

    We're just hired another forum member who is working on one of the games, hopefully he can take on more than one but we're both trialing one game for now.

    asadabdullah I will drop you a message now in upwork, thanks for your interest.

    , I will contact you next week and you can let me know your availability.

  • >

    , I will contact you next week and you can let me know your availability.

    Great, thank you jamesnesbitt :-)

    Talk you soon!

  • Thank you so much :)

  • Hello jamesnesbitt

    Here is my portfolio:


    Feel free to contact me on Skype: DongNguyen602

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