Looking for 2D Artist/Animator (PAID)

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  • Building a simple auto-runner game only need a few assets created. The game is called Get Your A** To Work, will work on PC and mobile just a tap/click jumper auto-runner dealio. Link below if you want to try the beta it's pretty simple with no way to actually lose.

    Assets Needed

    1 Seamless background City-Scape Size 1920X1080

    1 Business Man Run loop Anim with Briefcase & Tie

    1 Business Man Jump Anim with Briefcase & Tie

    1 Foreground Seamless Sidewalk Size 1920x128

    8 Obstacles Various items (Fire Hydrant,Traffic Cone,Bench, etc) Size can vary for each obstacle

    Game Beta



    Pay will be worked out between us as a package deal one price for all pieces. Half paid once concept is approved and half paid on delivery of the final piece.

    Art Style

    I would like to see a sample of your work before we begin can be anything, just so I can get an idea of your art style. I'm open to any art style really, could be cartoony, pixelated, abstract, whatever you got.




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  • Hello VictoryX, how can we contact with you?

    Please share your email/Skype or any method that you prefer.

    Thanks :D

  • Maverick1912 Thanks for pointing that out, forgot to add the contact. Post has been edited and contact added.

  • Thanks for sharing your email.

    My friend will contact with you :)

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