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  • I'm very serious about my studio, and I want to expand my works, so I added a new page for job offers. I've currently published free art assets for developers but that putted me away from developing my game which also putted me in a delay. We are currently one developer & one assistant. So please if anyone interested in the following positions contact-us now:

    • Graphic Designer/ Graphic Artist
    • Marketing Manger
    • Game Design Assistant

    all details & conditions can be found here: ( read the whole page carefully)

    you must have the following conditions to join. Everyone is welcomed to join the team.

    We will contact you as soon as possible.

    Note: Please, only serious interested people, there is no time for fake submission.

  • Unfortunately the only way to attract serious submissions is to treat the position seriously - put a salary or hourly rate with the post.

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  • we are currently making free games, we just want to make games not gaining profit right now, but if later on we succeeded we could work on salary.

  • Even free games can make a profit from adverts, maybe do a profit-share for the games on GameJolt, but you will need everyone on the team to have a full version of Construct 2 to do it (might need a business account for each person actually, as working for any company rather than individually might need a business license for C2 if I'm not mistaken)

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