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    Kim Jong Run on Android: ... kimjongrun


    Ok, I have been trying to upload my construct 2 game to the app store but it is fu**ing impossible. I can't believe how hard it is compared to Google Play wich was so easy. So before I smash my computer I decided to ask for help.

    I have everything set up, the paid apple developer account and the app itself is prepared. The problem is creating the app in xCode. I can't get past all the errors and it is making me crazy.

    I always end up with the error: The Info.plist for application at /Users/lf/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Kim_Jong_RunProject-ekfspebouugrccgcyhtbpksmptlw/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/ specifies a CFBundleExecutable of Kim_Jong_Run, which is not executable

    So if someone could help me create this and also explain what I'm doing wrong I would gladly pay for it.

    I have tried the ejecta method and the cocoonJS one but I always get stuck on the xCode part.

    What I need from you:

    1. Ads to work (I'm using mopub+admob in my build)

    2. Good performance without lag

    3. Help me understand how to do it myself next time <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    So just tell me what you need from me and I will provide it.

    Payment: 50$

    (or give me an offer)


  • I can help you tomorrow morning. Add me on skype Whackeddie99, or email me

  • I can help you tomorrow morning. Add me on skype Whackeddie99, or email me

    Ok, thank you. Where are you located? A mean in what time zone?

    I will not be able to do it "live" with you because I am at my daytime job then. But I can provide everything you need and answer all your questions by email/skype. Do you think that you are able to get it to work using the compiled project from cocoonJS or do you prefer another method?

    And how do you want to recieve the payment?

  • I got it to work!

    It was dropbox that corrupted the files. When I downloaded everything straight into the mac from ludei the xCode part went without errors. So you cant download it on windows and then transfer it through dropbox to a mac. This messes up the executable.

    But thank you anyway Whack

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  • No problem, glad to see you got it working. Cheers

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