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  • Hey everybody in the game developer construct, I would like to assemble a team to develop an amazing game of the fighting game genre.

    the idea is basically a fighting game where celebrities are fighting each other. The part of programming is 80% completed, but I need your help!

    I'm looking for someone willing and you learn a lot from editing in photoshop and that knows how to use a skeleton and 2D animation software compatible with the construct 2. I want that person can be you or some other interested to help me assemble the scams and animations of celebrities so I can finish the game faster. And what are you going to gain from this? Well everything goes well, let's make it official a partnership where you will earn 20% of all the game win and it will be available in many platform for conquering enough money to develop another game that I'm already in mind

    be advised that only we efeituamos payments via paypal and nothing else!

    If you have interest please answer this topic with your contact information or send me an email:

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  • Ill join but only if the % is equal according to the amount of people working on it. I can make and rig sprites if you can do the programming. Will it have online multiplayer?

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