Gathering a team for Warville Entertainement to make

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  • Hello, I'm Hamza Trabelsi , Graphic designer and 2D/3D game artist and mostly environement artist, i'm also advanced in Construct 2, i have gained some experience working on some small projects and doing freelance i also have made some free casual and mobile games UI kit for the independant developers community i will provide a link at the end of this long text, technically i can make the game by myself, but my little experience tells me to do not even try also i'm still a human i can't make a good project alone, unless i get a motivation generator plugged to my head, so i'm trying to gather a team will be called "Warville Entertainment" to develope a MMO Strategy game, titled " Fort Rush ", what is needed here is the elite of this forum, the game is going to be 2D obviously but we still need 3D artisits. i have some ideas and we will talk about the game idea later because i prefer to discuss together i'm not the boss here to force my ideas. so the game is Medieval Fantasy. for this team we will need all different kind of talents related to video games, don't underestimate it, 2D doesn't mean it's easy, we will need this talents:

    Programmers (construct 2 and php,mysql,css,html)

    Game artists in cluding (3d generalists, 2D artist & concept artist, texture artist, Characters artist, animator...)

    Game Designer

    Music/Sfx composer

    Also if you have any game development related skill, you are welcome to contact us, skills such as, writer, voice actor, social media marketing, managment you are more than welcome to contact us.

    Note : the positions are not paid, there will be revenue share, we will be making a Crowd-funding compaign to helpe us continue developing the game.

    Contact me : don't forget to write " Fort Rush " in the subject field so i can easily notice the e-mail.


    The free Ui kit is here : 0.1

    the second version is here :

    the download links are in the description.

    Kind Regards

    Hamza Trabelsi

  • Hi Hamza. What's your intended income model?

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