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  • Hi all,

    We here at GamesWarp Studio are offering a development / prototyping service for your project.

    We can help you implement or prototype a working version of your game or application within a reasonably short time. We will work closely with you in defining and fine-tuning your Game Design Document, as well as code and test your prototype. If you wish, we can also work on your project right until it becomes a finished product. We charge at a per hour or per project rate. Exclusive-use and NDA can be signed at your request.

    Our service is backed by 20 years of software engineering and project management experience. This includes all design, scheduling, coding, testing, integration, and documentation plans and activities that you may require for your project. We code with Construct 2, GLSL (custom shader effects), PHP/MySQL, Javascript, C, C++, C#, VB, Torque, and more.

    Check out our web page for GamesWarp Studio at:

    Our clients come from USA, UK, Canada, and Brazil. An example:

    • Project Neumann (Witch Battle mini game) - Developed for Neuro Games, this is a serious game for use in the health sector. A demo version is available on Facebook.

    Here is a complete list of our games / applications:

    • Math Jewels - the latest addition is an educational Match 3-like game that takes you on an adventure around the world across 24 levels. Instead of matching 3 gems, you place the mathematical symbol to form arithmetic equations that get the desired result. Try out the game today on the Chrome Web Store.
    • Construct 2 Shader Effects - Take a look at shader effects on our website. All our effects are currently free for download to tweak as you please.
    • Pachinko Parlor - a Pachinko game machine simulator available on Facebook, Chrome Web Store, and Kongregate.
    • Fuzzball's Fortress - there are several versions of the game - a web version on our server, a download version for installation on PC at IndieDB, and a playable version on Kongregate. Also available on Scirra Arcade.
    • Nurture: A minimalist colony simulation game demo playable over on our server.
    • EBook Engine - An application that streams audio like you were reading a book off the web; great for children. You can try out the Engine over on our server.
    • Whack-A-Mole - a demo game with graphics taken from GarageGame's Torque 2D 1.8 base release; we reckoned we find good use for the cute graphics with Construct 2. Try it out on our server today. The game is also available on Scirra Arcade.
    • Planet Generator Demo - An early demo program demonstrating a randomly generated planetary map available on the Scirra Arcade.
    • Ticker Tape Demo - 19 lines using 5 objects and 1 array

    Please feel free to contact us for inquiries. We charge a very reasonable price that scales according to the complexity of your project, so don't hesitate to ask.


    Gavin GamesWarp

  • Please take a look at the latest update to our portfolio.


    Gavin GamesWarp

  • Do you develop in C2? Just wondering, because any prototypes you make that I find fun are ones I would want to further flesh out, and I wouldn't want to pay you and then recreate the prototype in C2 when I could just make it in C2 myself.

  • I could prototype in Construct 2, C# (XNA), C++, C, T2D, VB, DBPro or possibly something else. It would of course be much faster to prototype using Construct 2, DBPro, VB or some other simple scripting language.

    There may be people who prefer prototyping their game or app with C2 because they either have not bought a copy for themselves and are looking in this forum to understand the ROI of prototyping with this cool game engine, have a great game idea but have no inclination for coding, would just like to see a good example of how a game is coded with C2, are a group basically looking to outsource, or a variation (or even combination) of these scenarios.

    I am not even going to go about discussing about Unity, UDK, T3D, or CryEngine development here... even though I have looked into those scripting languages before, and have a grasp of what is needed for them.


    Gavin GamesWarp

  • Updated with 3 demos... please see first message.

  • I'm interested. Sent you an email.

    I have about 5-6 projects needing prototyping.

  • So far good progress on prototyping the first project. Thanks.

  • A demo of an EBook Engine is now available. Please refer to the top entry in this thread for further details. Thank you.

  • Is it within your companies capabilities to ports games to Xbox live/Wii U?

  • Sent you a reply... please check your Inbox.

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  • We have added a new game to our list of demos - Nurture: A colony simulation game. Please read up the first article in this thread for the links to our website.

  • GamesWarp Studio is proud to announce the release of Fuzzball's Fortress on Scirra Arcade. Read more by following the link in the first post of this thread.

    Thank you.

  • We have just updated links to all our games. We have also added a demo link to the games for of one our clients. Read more by following the link in the first post of this thread.

  • Hi, this was originaly a post for any submissionner, but i was looking for programmer to hire when I found your post, so I copy-paste mine on yours. I'm asking for an estimated price on this part-of-a-game section

    -This is not for fully functionnal game, only a little part involving a functionnal platform character, lets just say stand, run, jump, fall

    -Graphics are meant to be minimal (I don't care), just enough to support ur programming, blank menu background, plain grey start and edit buttons, playable lvl blank, solid different color to distinguish them from background, character can be anything just to verify if the animations are working, not meant to be published, different color block, mario, megaman or any drawn crap that looks like something... or not

    -----lets say the platformer template built-in construct, but with an anything look alike ''animated'' character stand, run, jump , fall, mirrored for direction

    -The tricky part is the edit layout which is really what i'm paying for, for example, if u used a mario sprite (or still anything) You start the game, u have start-edit button, start go to plain lvl where the character can fool around,pointlessly, back to menu you press edit button, you go to edit layout where u can edit each frame of your mario-like-anything-character, each of your mario-frames are there in 64x64 square where u can change each square for a different color or tranparent, 4 rows -stand-run-jump-fall. You edit what u want, save, go back to menu, press start and play around pointlessly with your brand new mario-like-less character. You quit the game, start it over, press start and retreive ur custom pointless mario-like-less character.

    So, long story short; basic 1lvl platformer with in-game pixel-based-editeable animated main character

    As told before this is meant to be the first step of a whole game, but I wanted it to be created step-by-step to evaluate the results - function of the cost and extrapolate the cost of the whole game before ruining myself in something worthless

    Your estimated price will strongly appreciated, hope my description is clear enough, tks for spending your time reading and replying

  • Sorry, but unable to commit until I have finished a couple of projects placed before yours. Thanks.

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